Local Woman Outraged Texas Gun Shop Is Having a ‘Back to School Sale’

A Texas woman alerted the media last week after seeing a gun store advertising its wares with a “back to school sale” set to run from Tuesday to Sunday.

Michelle Simons and her husband spotted a sign at Boyert Shooting Center so “jarring,” she sent a photo of it to a local news station.

“Back to school sale August 13 through 18. Up to 50 percent off firearms,” the sign read.

“Did I really see that?” Simons told ABC 13 in describing the moment.

Simons and her husband, an “educator,” both disapprove of mixing schools and guns. That, she said, is what makes Boyert Shooting Center’s sign so egregious.

“What does back to school have anything to do with getting guns?” she said.

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Simons also told ABC 13 she hopes the phrasing was just “some kind of glaring oversight.”

“In the current climate and in the current culture where we have school shootings just constantly, mass shootings just constantly, it seems like a real poor choice of words,” she added.

Boyert Shooting Center, located in Katy, responded in a statement to ABC 13.

“We have friends and family who are teachers and our way of reaching out and saying thank you is by offering a summer long promotion of discounted training courses, firearms and accessories,” the business said.

“A lot of Texans are not aware, but it is now legal to conceal carry in some colleges, and for teachers in certain school districts to conceal carry as well. We are wrapping up the program that we have been running since the beginning of June, with a huge sale to benefit everyone.”

Boyert Shooting Center amid a broader gun debate following deadly mass shootings

The deadly Aug. 3 and Aug. 4 mass shootings in  El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio have inflamed an already fiery gun violence debate in America.

One of the most prominent ideological conflicts to emerge is in the realm of gun control, and whether instituting more or less restrictions on the ownership of firearms is an appropriate response to the issue.

In the wake of El Paso liberals have revived their usual calls for increased gun control.

And conservatives, with a few notable exceptions, have been just as forceful in denying that stricter gun laws will completely solve the problem.

Each side has pointed to isolated cases to bolster their broader arguments.

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For instance, conservatives have highlighted comments by Christopher Grant, a Texas man who survived the El Paso shooting and is being hailed as a hero for drawing the gunman’s fire by pelting him with bottles.

During an interview last week with CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, Grant lamented the fact that his mother did not have her firearm with her while the deadly attack was taking place.

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