Boris Johnson Vows to Remain PM, as Dozens in His Conservative Coalition Resign – Opinion

Embattled U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who leads that nation’s Conservative Party, vowed to remain in power Wednesday, as dozens of cabinet ministers and others in his coalition resigned in one day.

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Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister of Britain is facing a desperate battle to keep his job after his Conservative Party was discredited by yet another scandal. Former supporters and close allies have lost faith in Johnson’s leadership.

The powerful backbencher 1922 Committee, which governs the Conservative Party rules and procedures, has decided to elect a new committee on Monday that will then look at changing rules to allow another “no-confidence vote” against Johnson after 43 ministers and aides resigned over revelations that the prime minister hired an accused sex offender to a senior role in government.

Johnson initially denied reports that he had received a complaint that MP Chris Pincher allegedly groped guests at private gatherings over the past eight months – a man he later elevated to deputy chief whip.

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However, Lord Simon McDonald of Salford, the former head of the diplomatic services, said Johnson was made aware of the complaints, forcing Johnson to instead claim he “forgot.”

Johnson received an in-person briefing about the inquiry and the outcome. There was a ‘formal complaint’,” the former head of the diplomatic service said in a letter to Katherine Stone, the parliamentary standards commissioner.

The stream of resignations began Tuesday evening, when two member of Johnson’s cabinet, Chancellor of the Exchequer (similar to the U.S. Treasury secretary) Rishi Sunak and health secretary Sajid Javid, resigned, according to Sky News.

But at midnight BST today, the complete tally of resignations from Wednesday, as reported by ITV’s Daniel Hewitt, was 35. There have been 45 resignations, with one firing.

As the U.K. is a close ally to the United States, the stability of the country’s government is crucial to our ongoing relationship. RedState will keep you updated on this rapidly-changing story as additional information becomes available.

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