Black Lives Matter Further Debases Itself in Kentucky – Opinion

In an apparent attempt to assassinate Craig Greenberg, a Black Lives Matter activist set fire to Louisville’s main street. Quintez Brown, who had previously been honored by Barack Obama and lauded by MSNBC’s Joy Reid, was arrested and charged with attempted murder and four other counts of wanton endangerment for the crime.

Brown was an organizer of the 2020 BLM protests and a vocal proponent for gun control. Amazingly, even though his identity had been revealed, media outlets continued to attempt to tie his actions to right-leaning rhetoric, which is absurd.

Brown has been released from jail in an unusual development. The judge handling his case set his bail at just $100,000, an amount you’d expect for a far lesser crime, and that’s being paid by none other than Black Lives Matter.

BLM Louisville is an official chapter of the national BLM organization, so while some may attempt to spin this as a local organization doing its own thing, that isn’t true in this instance. Of course, the national BLM organization has essentially gone dark after getting caught enriching activists and doing little else with the millions of dollars it received, so it’s unlikely they gave a direct order here to bail Brown out. The relationship and representation between this chapter, and the national BLM organization is there. To suggest otherwise would be totally disingenuous.

The BLM Louisville Twitter account has commented on Brown’s case several times over the last few days, including this incoherent mess of a defense of his actions.

I have no idea what that even means, but it’s clear that BLM Louisville has deep sympathies for Brown, and those sympathies have driven the group to use donated money to set an attempted murderer free. It appears that they had some spare cash. buyingBLM workers are fond of buying large amounts of property.

The mainstream media instead of reacting to these corrupt developments with outrage, they are busy trying dox those who have donated $50 to the FreedomConvoy. But, BLM donors funded the bail of attempted killers? The Washington Post didn’t even mention it.

In the end, I’m left almost impressed at how the BLM organization has managed to insulate itself from accountability by using charges of racism as a shield. Other than a handful of Republicans, most politicians have either kept silent or promoted the scam over the past two-years. This has only encouraged the evil actors in BLM who use donated money to do all kinds of immoral and wild things. Now they can spend money on attempted murderers. This is the kind of thing they consider worthy of donor funds.

Even though there is ample evidence of criminality and corruption, the DOJ has not been able to find anything of any interest in investigating BLM. It goes without saying, but if we were talking about a right-leaning organization, there’d have already been indictments.

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