Middle Schoolers Raise Black Lives Matter Flag Above School Building to Protest ‘Racial Injustice’

A Vermont middle school raised a Black Lives Matter flag above the school building on Wednesday to protest racial injustice.

Board members at Edmunds Middle School in Burlington unanimously passed a proposal to fly the flag during Black History Month, CBS affiliate WCAX reported.

The proposal specified that the flag would be flown until summer vacation.

Students wanted to hoist the Black Lives Matter flag because of the “systemic racial injustice that plagues American public schools.”

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According to WCAX, students of color make up 28 percent of Edmunds Middle School.

U.S. Census Bureau data shows that the city of Burlington, where progressive 2020 presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders once served as mayor, is 85 percent white.

In recent years, other schools around the state have raised the Black Lives Matter flag.

Black Lives Matter, one of the most prominent activist social movements, takes its slogan from the premise that there is an epidemic of racially motivated unlawful police killings of black men – a claim that is not necessarily supported by data.

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Various groups and figures have emerged to protest alleged systemic abuses of police power. Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick ignited a fierce debate in 2016 when he took a knee during the national anthem at NFL games to shine a spotlight on police brutality.

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