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Daryl Morey, the Houston Rockets’ successful general manager, was appointed in October 2019. He had already resigned in October 2020. He tweeted his support of the protestors during the Hong Kong Freedom Protests and the subsequent Chinese crackdown. tweeting:

“Fight for Freedom stand with Hong Kong”

The NBA was in chaos within minutes or hours. China threatened the NBA with cancelations, and the league stepped up, not to defend Morey’s support of freedom, or the rights of people getting clubbed in Hong Kong no, the league issued a milquetoast statement that Morey was entitled to his own opinion. LeBron James, the league’s biggest star and biggest mouth, took China’s side, calling Morey “misinformed“.

Fearful of losing the China market, the NBA turned down the heat. Morey issued an apology and resigned after enough time had passed, so the NBA didn’t look like China’s lapdog. An honest man, who is good at his profession, was attacked and forced to apologize. He then quit his position, because he had told the truth.

A few days ago another man named Chamath Palihpitiya told the truth too, but this truth-teller is neither good nor decent – he’s a craven asshat. Palihpitiya is to be commended for being sincere. It’s something the left seems to have in short supply lately. They are all about them. They are all about demonstrating their virtues and lecturing about yours. They don’t really care about others — unless it impacts them.

Chamath Palihpitiya shows that it is possible. He’s one of the first officers of Facebook and became a billionaire putting Facebook’s garbage, addictive app into the hands of nearly a billion users. He also co-hosts a podcast titled “All-In,” on which he told the audience and his co-host that he doesn’t care about human-rights abuses in China, most particularly the slavery of a million human beings.

“Nobody cares” about the Uyghur genocide and forced labor in China, said Palihpitiya. He also said he doesn’t have “moral absolutism to judge China…that these might be small data points being extrapolated in a way to create a narrative that may or may not be true.”

Palihpitiya later issued a “clarification”. He wrote it (or his lawyer).

“In re-listening to this week’s podcast, I recognize that I come across as lacking empathy. This is what I completely acknowledge. Because my family fled as refugees from a country where there were human rights concerns, this part of my life experience is all too familiar. My belief in human rights matters, regardless of whether they are found in China or the United States. Full stop.”

Nah. I’m not buying it. Hypocrites don’t care about being hypocrites, but they deeply care about being caught. Palihpitiya’s statement is completely devoid of any Uyghur reference equating China with the USA. He stopped feeling empathy at the bank. He isn’t sorry. He regrets being caught out telling the truth.

China is back. The End.

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