Biden’s Remarks on Police Reform Go All Kinds of Wrong and Expose the Dems’ Lack of Solutions – Opinion

On Wednesday, Joe Biden signed an executive order related to “police reform.” Once again, because he cannot pass laws that people will agree to, he falls back on the executive order to impose his way, although he only has purview over federal aspects. In his comments, Biden spoke on the Uvalde shooting and protests of 2020.

“Two summers ago, in the middle of the pandemic, we saw protests across the nation the likes of which we hadn’t seen since the 1960s,” Biden said. “They unified people of every race and generation.”

I don’t know what Biden was looking at but the hundreds of BLM/Antifa riots didn’t unify anyone. These riots did billions of damage and left hundreds dead, as well as dozens injured. I’m sure the people in Kenosha who saw their city burn and the folks in Portland who watched their federal courthouse being attacked for more than 100 days straight weren’t feeling very unified by that either. Indeed, what we saw was Democrats like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi referring to the BORTAC Border Patrol team that came in to help defend the courthouse as “stormtroopers.” She even falsely accused them of kidnapping protesters off the street. This was her reaction to the attacks on federal courthouse day after day. Talk about an insurrection about which she didn’t care. BLM was even supported by the Democrats at the August 2020 Democratic Convention, which took place virtually and even had a dedicated musical number.  Fiery, but “mostly peaceful” protests.

This is because it was BORTAC CBP agents who entered the school and killed the Uvalde Mass Shooter. We reported that they were even wounded.

Biden again asked when “in God’s name” were we going to do “what needs to be done” to stop school shootings without identifying what law or process would have stopped this shooting or what his solution is.

Biden always seems to be trying to restrict our Constitutional rights — from free speech, with him wrongly repeating you can’t yell fire in a crowded theater as a justification for restricting speech (that’s wrong), to him claiming that you couldn’t own a cannon when the Constitution is written (again wrong). He’s gotten four Pinocchios on that claim in the past, but he just keeps repeating it.

These are the wrong points he uses to talk about gun control.

Then he also had this confusing moment, once against calling the ATF the “AFT.” He also called it “Alcoball” Tobacco and Firearms and said it was in charge of seeing that the “Second Amendment was abided by.”

I’m not sure he understands either the role of the ATF or the Second Amendment here. AFT stands for American Federation of Teachers. This is one of his most favorite union workers. The ATF is not responsible for seeing that the “Second Amendment is abided by.” The Second Amendment protects the right to bear arms from wrongful restrictions by the government.

Finally, I would note while Biden tried to blame Republicans for opposing reform to policing, Republican South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott’s spokesperson pointed out that his bill would have addressed many of the reform questions, but Democrats refused to vote for it.

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