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Fulfilling Joe Biden’s pledge to nominate a Black female to the Supreme Court, the White House confirmed that Judge J. Michelle Childs is on Biden’s list for consideration.

The Hill

The White House confirmed to The Washington Post on Friday that J. Michelle Childs, a federal district judge in South Carolina, is one of several candidates whom the president is considering to be his nominee to the Supreme Court.

The South Carolina judge is “among multiple individuals under consideration for the Supreme Court,” White House spokesperson Andrew Bates told the newspaper.

But not if so. James Clyburn, a Democratic-Old Coot from Carolina has any thoughts. Apparently the man who rejected Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Socialist Scourge), and single-handedly secured Dementia Joe’s presidential run, is calling in his chits.

The Leftist-leaning American Prospect:

J. Michelle Childs (South Carolina District Court Judge) is the third candidate to be considered for this position. James Clyburn (D-SC), a home-state representative from Black America and close adviser of Biden, is her greatest fan. Clyburn is actually the one that convinced Biden to sign the Supreme Court promise.

Clyburn has been whipping support for Childs with an enthusiasm far beyond that which he dedicated to Democrats’ Police reform bill or the Build Back Better Act. Within a matter of days, he reached out to a multitude news outlets in support of her appointment. “She has the experience that is needed,” he said on MSNBCJackson was criticized early on as being unqualified.

Clyburn made it clear elsewhere what CNN has argued implicitly when the network lamented that “another testy Supreme Court battle is the last thing America needs.” Answering this call for Democrats to hone their pick to Republican preference, Clyburn has put forward Childs as a bipartisan answer. “I want to make sure that it’s a woman that will get universal support. When I say universal, I mean bipartisan support,” He said Wednesday on CNN. “I know that Michelle Childs will have the support of several Republicans.” One of them, South Carolina’s own Lindsey Graham, appeared to endorse Childs over the weekend.

Well isn’t that something? It’s something she has already done. bipartisan support. Graham sits on the Judiciary Committee so, should Clyburn have his way, Graham will sign the agreement with his Republican colleagues.

He’s malleable that way.

The writer of the Prospect does quite the deep dive into Judge Childs’ background when she was a practicing attorney.

Childs’s experience is worth scrutinizing closely.

This is a very curious situation. If Democrats and progressives are not championing her past, then she doesn’t check all the important boxes. Reddit posts and Democrat Underground comments are apoplectic. Redditors can be quite funny.

Why don’t they just nominate Beyonce? Beyonce is younger than all these candidates, and she would be more secure on the court..

He’s [Clyburn] so unapologetic in his greed and disdain for the working class, I‘m surprised he hasn’t already proposed droning homeless people.

Dem Underground has a more cautious crowd, but is still concerned about Lindsay Graham’s support for the nomination.

These paragraphs are often found on both the sites. ProspectAdding to their anxiety with piece.

Childs, a lawyer, served as an Associate and then partner at Nexsen Pruet Jacobs & Pollard, from 1992 to 2000. Childs was a principal in the labor and employment area at Nexsen Pruet. He worked for employers to defend them against claims of discrimination and civil rights violations.

Yeah, can’t have a justice that worked at a firm that targeted issues that are their cottage industries. The bad news is that there are more:

Bloomberg Law currently has 25 case records in which Childs was involved during her tenure at Bloomberg Law. 23 of these cases involve allegations of employment discrimination and other violations related to civil rights. These suits were often influenced by race and gender. Seven of the cases involved race-based discrimination in employment, while three others dealt with sex discrimination in job placements. Childs represented the defendant in all cases except two, which means that Childs predominantly represented employers who were accused of violating workplace gender and civil rights laws.

Childs accomplished her task. Childs was a successful woman, becoming the first Black partner of a South Carolina law firm. These progressives would have sung her praises if she had been representing defendants rather than plaintiffs in these lawsuits. Instead, they raise alarm bells.

They’re starting to act like Republicans. They’re starting to act like Republicans, despite the fact Childs is a partner at a firm that is anti-union.

Childs is a former partner at Nexsen Pruet. The company has boasted for many years about its antiunion services. Advertisement to firms hoping to keep their workplace “union-free,” “offer[ing] strength in unfair labor practice and union representation issues,” and Warning against the impacts of the PRO Act, Democrats’ signature unionization bill that was included in the Build Back Better Act.

Oooh… They are stepping on the third rail with this one. Biden continues to support the PRO Act with all his heart, while the nominating of David Weil to be wage and hour administrator shows that he is still loyal to Big Labor’s goals. Although Childs appointment as SCOTUS appears to be a reversal of this administration’s actions, the nomination of David Weil as wage and hour administrator reflects his loyalty to Big Labor. However, schizophrenia is a top-of-the-line brand.

Bloomberg Law mentions one Judge Childs decision, which the progressives might support:

Notable among her notable federal district court decisions is the 2014 decision in favor of a lesbian married couple seeking South Carolina to recognize their outside-of-state marriage.

Should Clyburn and Graham get their way, and Childs ascends as Biden’s choice for SCOTUS nominee, we may well see a food fight between the legacy and progressive members of the party.

It’s my prayer, Lord! Just in case.

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