Biden’s Meaningless Pledge Prior to Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Becomes a Cruel Joke – Opinion

So it happened. Not as much “shock and awe,” as the commencement of a foregone conclusion. Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has launched a full-scale attack on the former Ukrainian “Socialist Republic” that all the world knew was inevitable. Except for hapless Joe Biden, of course — until it was too late.

To paraphrase FDR’s “a date which will live in infamy” quote following Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor, “Just the News” CEO and Editor in Chief John Solomon declared the invasion plunging Ukraine into bloodshed “a moment of infamy” for the self-neutered president of the United States, AKA: “Leader of the Free World.”

As Solomon observed, “each American president is judged by his command in moments of crisis.”

Lincoln was most proud of the Gettysburg address. Roosevelt made his mark after Pearl Harbor. Kennedy was a victim of the Cuban missile crisis. George W. Bush rallied an stunned nation from the smoldering ground zero pile.

While much history remains to be written for Joe Biden’s presidency, the start of Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine may be defined years from now by extraordinary moments of infamy.

In his final, hollow speech on Tuesday, in which he all but begged Putin not to invade Ukraine, Barney Biden™ took U.S. military action off the table by offering a hollow pledge “so detached from geopolitical reality,” Solomon observed, but “shook the confidence of allies” and “stunned some in the diplomatic world.”

Russia will not be fought. However, we want to convey the unmistakable message that America, along with its allies will defend NATO’s entire territory and adhere to the NATO commitments.

In other words, given that Ukraine is not part of NATO, our feckless president in effect greenlighted Russia’s invasion. Are you ready for anything else? As we reported in June 2021, Biden claimed he gave Putin a list of 16 “infrastructure things” that were “off-limits” to future Russian cyberattacks.

Translation, as no doubt interpreted by Putin: “Yo, Vlad. Do not hesitate to attack anyone It is not on this list.”

Translation of Biden’s NATO reference: “Since Georgia isn’t part of NATO, we’re gonna sit tight, Vlad.”

And who can forget Biden all but greenlighting “minor incursions” by Russia into Ukraine, as we reported in January? Don’t misunderstand: I’m not suggesting the United States should now declare war on Russia, but continually greenlighting the world’s bad actors never works out well.

Ample historical evidence exists, from British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s ridiculous “peace in our time” observation prior to Hitler plunging the globe into WW II, to Barack “Red Line” Obama’s hollow threat to Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad about the use of chemical weapons on Syrian men, women, and children, to Biden’s threats ofNever came sanctions prior to Putin’s full-scale attack on Ukraine.

Solomon further noted that while Biden’s handling of the Russia-Ukraine crisis has drawn wide condemnation — as has been the case with Everywhere purposely-created Biden Crisis™— early in his presidency he revoked permission for the Keystone pipeline in America, while at the same time giving Putin a long-sought, U.S. blessing for Russia’s Nord Stream II natural gas pipeline in Europe.

“That move,” said Solomon, “changed the geopolitical equation for Russia, whose economy is one-dimensional, dependent on energy exports,” adding: “American and Western counterparts were made more reliant on Russian energy, and Putin’s often-stretched treasury fattened with rising oil prices.”

We are here. As gas prices surged out of control while the Biden Energy Crisis™ raged on, our feckless president begged Russia and OPEC to increase oil production.

And how’d ThisWhat happens when all of these things fail? Rhetorical question. Joe Biden does the same thing with everything.

The horror in Ukraine continues. Like in all indiscriminate conflict, civilian casualties were the worst.

If you’re “of the persuasion,” please offer up a prayer or two for the people of Ukraine.

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