Biden’s Confusion, Delusion Go Into Overdrive in Portland – Opinion

Joe Biden was in Portland, Oregon for the Thursday meeting.

Portland was one of the hardest-hit cities by radical leftist riots. We saw more than 100 attacks on Portland’s federal courthouse over the course of 2020. The Democrats’ response? The Democrats’ response? House Speaker Nancy Pelosi even called them “stormtroopers” and accused them of “kidnapping protesters.”

Portland was the first city to defund the police following the radical push. After violent crime rose by 30 percent within a year, the city council decided that it would add some million dollars to the funds.

Portland is an excellent example of failure in leftist thinking. So perhaps there was no better place for the failure they have at the top — Joe Biden — to visit.

His visit to the Portland Air National Guard Base was funny because he gave a speech about infrastructure. He then attended the Portland Yacht Club fundraiser, which was a quick distance from the base. So he didn’t go to any of the places the Democrats have made worse.

Biden spoke about the bill and claimed that he had physically written the bill, “I wrote the original one with my own paw.”

I’m sure he did — right after he finished driving that 18-wheeler truck across the country. Is that his paw? Secretly a furry like Beto O’Rourke?

He also had difficulty remembering the name of Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), calling him “Bum” instead.

He told Blumenauer that he could now call him “Joe Biddin” because of it.

Biden reiterated some of his favorite lies, including how much time he’s spent with Xi Jinping, claiming that he traveled 17,000 miles with him.

First, that’s a lie that even the Washington Post has called him out on, but he just keeps repeating it. He seems so intent on telling that lie. He brings up the Chinese connections in his family every time that he mentions it. Yet, he continues to do it, shooting himself in both the foot. And “foothills of the Tibet?” It’s not “the Tibet,” does he even know what he’s saying half the time?

But if his geography is a little off, at least he knows how long he’s been in office, right? It’s not quite true. Because he’s a little confused about that as well.

It’s been 15 months that we’ve had to put up with this, although it feels like forever because it’s been so bad.

But he capped off the delusion at the fundraiser where he explained that the problem was that Americans just didn’t understand what a great job he and the Democrats have done.

He says he’s worried that things have moved so rapidly and so profoundly that it’s “hard for people” to understand. Unfortunately, the problem for him is that we do understand — very well — what a mess he’s made of everything in just 15 short months.

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