Biden’s Approval Rating Among Hispanics Tanks 29 Percent Since Last Year – Opinion

While President Joe Biden seems to struggle with winning support from most Americans, one group seems more to be against him than others.

According to Fox News, 26 percent said that they were satisfied with the President’s performance in office according to a Quinnipiac poll. This is a decrease of 55 percent from last year.

Biden received a low approval rating of 35 percent in the poll that asked 1,586 Americans a series of questions, from May 12 through May 16. It also showed a very high disapproval score at 57%.

Although it’s not clear how large the shift was, there are some indications that Hispanics have begun to shift towards the Republican Party.

Anyone who believes this poll to be an anomaly should compare it with data from Quinnipiac that was released in April. This earlier data also showed a rock bottom of 26 percent approval from the demographic, The Hill reported.

The significant decline reflects Americans’ frustrations, regardless of race. There are many issues that Americans worry about, including rising living costs, border crises, foreign affairs and other problems stemming out of poor liberal policies.

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