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The United States is the only country where border patrol agents can be cleared of violating any law and are still penalized, while illegal entry to the country mostly escapes punishment.

The President, Jen Psaki (then-press secretary) and Alejandro Mayorkas (secretary of homeland security), all raced to judge when they saw footage of Texas Border Patrol officers last September herding Haitians attempting to enter the country without authorization. Biden had threatened the agents, saying they would “pay” for their actions. They’ve paid for lost work time, character smearing and possibly the end of their careers. This is what the government should pay. We hope that agents find an attorney who will sue them.

According to a 5-page report (only the government requires so many words to explain the obvious), Customs and Border Protection said the agents did not whip the migrants, who managed to get across the border anyway, but added they are still guilty of “unprofessional conduct,” including using “unnecessary force on Haitians.” Apparently, some of the agents used bad language while trying to turn the people back. This is shocking. Were they supposed to say: “Would you pretty please turn around and go back to your country?”

Texas Ken Paxton, Attorney General has joined other Republicans in calling on President Biden and others to apologize to the four agents they falsely accused. You’ll have success with it. Being a high government official means never having to say you’re sorry. Paxton said instead of being punished, the agents “should be rewarded.”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott seeks to fulfill the Biden administration’s refusal to send migrants crossing into Texas to their state at a designated point for processing. Texas has been sued by the Biden administration in an attempt to block this action. Yes, I understand that immigration is the constitutional responsibility of the federal government, but what’s a governor to do when his state is being overrun by migrants, some of whom they say are destroying private property and committing other crimes, including rape and murder?

Richmond, Virginia Two men in the country illegally were arrested prior to what authorities say was a plot to conduct an act of terrorism on July 4. Somebody heard the words of someone else and prevented what would have been tragic if they had continued with their plan. According to reports, one of them had already been expelled twice previously.

Republicans will win a majority in both the House and Senate during the November elections. Their top priority should be to secure the border and restore a legal process that allows those who want to enter the country. To achieve this goal, President Biden will likely veto legislation that is passed by Republicans. However, he can override his veto if enough Republicans are present in Congress.

It isn’t just those breaking our laws to get here that is a continuing problem, but also the large amounts of the deadly drug fentanyl coming in. Fentanyl It is now ranked No. The United States is now ranked No. 1 in its list of the most prolific killers of young people aged 18 to 45 years old. It is the death toll of the many people who were promised better lives by human traffickers and cartels.

All the administration has said is “don’t come,” which is like telling a child not to raid the cookie jar. Mayorkas repeatedly claimed that the border was closed. Mayorkas ought to be arrested for lying about the law.

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