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Joe Biden never manages to do the right thing. Even when he’s trying to tout a “success” (at least in his mind), celebrating the bipartisan gun legislation that he signed in June with an event at the White House, he managed to change the subject by how he responded to being shouted at by a grieving dad.

During Biden’s remarks, Parkland dad Manuel Oliver, whose son Joaquin was killed during the mass shooting at the Stoneman Douglas High School, stood up and shouted at Biden. Biden shot back at him: “Sit down.”

But then a couple of moments later, said, “Let him talk,” perhaps then realizing who he was. Things calmed down.

It turns out, Oliver was thrown out by the White House staff to explain why things calmed down.

Curtly asking the father to get down is a bit too much. But booting him from the event was more appropriate. That was a genius move. Maybe the father was shouting at the kids during the event. But to boot him out rather than just moving on isn’t a great look. Instead of Biden’s press conference, the majority of stories will be about Oliver and the exchange.

Moreover, isn’t Biden the same guy who was just encouraging protests against Supreme Court justices? “Keep protesting,” Biden said over the weekend on yet another vacation at his beach house. This was in addition to firebombings as well as an attempted assassination, harassment and threats of the justices. There also were bounties posted by a radical group for those who tip off about justices as they went about their everyday lives. He didn’t seem concerned about them being harassed or intimidated. But, his friends tossed this dad out the event. Joe Biden is not okay with protests.

Daily Mail

Oliver stated that Oliver was right to conclude by saying there was no reason for celebration.

‘There’s nothing to celebrate,’ he told the Miami Herald. ‘It’s a big lie. We lie between ourselves thinking we have a solution to this when we actually don’t.’

‘There was no need for this event,’ he added. ‘At all.’

Oliver claimed that he stood up to the event to have a chance to meet Biden.

‘It was my chance to say something to the president, and that’s a chance we don’t have every single day,’ Oliver said. ‘That’s pretty much what this is about.’

I probably don’t agree with him on many things, but he’s right that this isn’t going to solve the problem and that Biden is selling a fantasy when he acts like it’s a “celebration.”

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