Biden Takes Lying to New Heights as He Redefines Inflation – Opinion

We reported that inflation is down slightly with the latest number. It was up 9.1 percent last month and this month, and this month it’s up 8.5 percent.

A large part of this is likely to be the decline in gasoline prices.

So an accurate description of what occurred would run something like what Grabien’s Tom Elliott says here — that we’re still being incredibly crushed by inflation and there are still troubling indicators.

But you know that some in the liberal media are already trying to spin it as a “win” somehow for Joe Biden.

These numbers are not something you want to win.

But Joe Biden is not only taking a victory lap, he’s descending into complete falsehood with what he’s saying about the inflation number now. He and his team are claiming there was “zero inflation” just because it didn’t go up as much as it went up last month.

Complete gaslighting. Heck, even gaslighting is too kind — it’s just a straight-up lie. Doing that when people know it’s a lie and when they can feel it in their wallets not only isn’t going to help them, it’s only going to tick off people all the more.

He claimed that the inflation number “underscores the kind of economy we’ve been building.” Yes, if you mean a messed up economy that still is crushing people — you did that.

It wasn’t just a slip by frequently confused Joe Biden — it’s now an unconscionable new talking point, with both White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre echoing the false claimRon Klain, White House Chief-of-Staff, is on an a retweet stormAll posts that promote lies should be removed

They told us to celebrate the drop in gas costs, even though they are still higher than when Biden was elected. We’re just supposed to suspend all reality and swallow whatever they say.

They changed the definition of recession, now they’re trying to redefine what inflation means. They don’t deserve any shame.

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