Biden Naps, America Burns – Opinion

The White House announcing a “lid” has become so common that it doesn’t make news. It’s usually in the afternoon, around nap-time for President Grumpy Gramps.

Joe dedicated the nuclear submarine named in his honor over the weekend. His wife Jill was mentioned. He mentioned his wife Jill. The camera shifted to her face and the expected smile. This happy expression lasted for about 2 seconds. Joe then announced that Michelle Obama had been the Vice President, and Dr. Jill’s face changed to a look of horror and recognition that her husband pooped his pants again. Interminable lies, denials, and interpolations were all part of his gaffes. The “clean-up on aisle 46” is a daily occurrence.

A new lid will be announced by the White House, most likely this afternoon. Every day, what’s left of the gears in Joe’s head start grinding and Jill (or whoever is his nurse on duty) will need to lead Joe to a couch or a bed and tuck him in for his afternoon nap. Forget the gears — there’s nothing up there but a void and fading memories.

God Bless Us.

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