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Let’s face it, Joe Biden says a lot of strange things.

Yesterday was a great day for him during his Connecticut trip.

We already reported how he stepped in it big time when he was trying to honor his friend, former Senator Chris Dodd. Biden said you could tell the measure of a person by how they treat waiters and waitresses, seemingly forgetting the infamous alleged incident involving Dodd, Ted Kennedy and the “waitress sandwich.”

But he added to that during his visit to the Capital Child Development Center in Hartford, where he gave one child a hug and talked with some of the others. It also looks like he’s kissing the top of the child’s head or sniffing him. It doesn’t matter which one you choose, it does not matter. In the background, you can hear protestors chanting against him.

Then, during his remarks at the Center, he commented, “When I talked to all your folks out on the playground, I joked that everybody knows I like kids better than people. They seem to like me. That’s why maybe I like them.”

Did he really just say kids aren’t people? We should remind him they are. This is a bit like his comment during the campaign that he prefers “truth over facts.” But within this strange comment is the implication that he doesn’t think people (the adults) like him, so he doesn’t like the adults (as much as the kids). That’s a bit twisted and I think, why he’s always lying and puffing himself up with make-believe stories.

Joe is a very uneasy person when it comes to children. Even after he took office, he’s made strange and creepy comments, like the one he made to a little girl, “I love those barrettes in your hair. Look at this girl. She looks like she’s 19-years-old sitting there like a little lady with her legs crossed.” The girl didn’t look 19, she looked six years old. Thinking a six-year-old looks like she’s 19 is warped. No. Don’t touch them and don’t say weird things about them.

Then, while at the Center, we had this instant classic from the NPR reporter covering for the pool: “At one point Biden put a twisty blue tube toy on his head. As this happened you could clearly hear Trump supporters across the street yelling ‘traitor’ and ‘f— Joe Biden.’”

Biden was heckled at both the Center and the University of Connecticut, where he talked about Chris Dodd. There were also protestors holding Trump signs. While on the campus, he was also heckled by students on the left, with signs like “Cuba Sends Doctors Biden Sends Bombs” and “Don’t Come to My School Unless It’s to Cancel My Debt.” Bipartisan heckling, Joe is finally the unifier he claimed to be.

Then, while at the university, in addition to the waitress comment, he spoke about “chansgender individuals.” Is a chansgender person a fan of Jackie Chan? Or, once again, does he not understand what he’s reading on a teleprompter? He also did that weird shouting thing he does and couldn’t seem to read the word “Nazi” without tripping over it.

He then performed mask theatre, touching others, and finally putting on his mask.

But as Fox noted, while he was speaking at the child care center, he did one good thing — he basically admitting he wasn’t likely to get his massive $3.5 trillion bill past Congress without significant cuts. That’s a great thing. It would be better if it didn’t get passed at all since there’s so much that is bad within it.

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