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Robert Gates, former Secretary of Defense under Obama, said Joe Biden had been wrong about nearly every foreign policy position that he held over the last four decades. Despite that, Biden has always claimed to be a “foreign policy expert.” That’s about as true as a lot of his made-up stories.

Unfortunately, we’ve already seen how costly that ignorance can be with things like the Afghanistan withdrawal.

We also saw how he doesn’t seem to understand how to deal with Vladimir Putin. Biden made it clear that he believed Putin in June, and gave him 16 items that were off-limits to cyberattacks against critical infrastructure. Putin was given a list of what is most important and an exemption from any other items.

We now see Joe Biden struggling to deal with Russia’s situation. He lifted sanctions on Nord Stream 2, which hurt America and Ukraine, while empowering Putin. Then he greenlit aggressive action by Russia by saying a “minor incursion” wouldn’t necessarily prompt a big response. That caused him to have to quickly clean up.

Biden called Volodymyr Zelensky the Ukrainian president, and he allegedly stated that an imminent Russian invasion was on his mind. Zelensky then had to clean that up too, saying that while the threat is always present, he’s in the country and he should know better than Biden. Meanwhile, Biden has reportedly taken the toughest sanctions against Russia off the table and isn’t putting any more sanctions in play now, only holding them over Putin’s head if he invades.

Joe Biden: What do you think about Russia’s massive troop deployment against Ukraine?

Russia is trying to justify its action by claiming they’re concerned about NATO actions. That’s unbelievably bogus because they’ve wanted Ukraine for years. It’s why they invaded Crimea in 2014. It’s a dodge. Putin is convinced he can make threats to Ukraine while negotiating concessions with NATO. He throws tantrums.

But guess who’s falling for it? You got it, Joe Biden.

One couldn’t believe it if you didn’t see it in print. While NATO has formally rejected the Russian proposal that Ukraine never is considered for NATO membership, Joe Biden reportedly offered Putin access to NATO bases to verify that NATO doesn’t have any cruise missiles in Romania or Poland. Let them gather intelligence and verify what they already have. Joe, are you really that dumb? How could you give them this access?

Only if the allies would agree and Russia reciprocity would occur,

Putin said Washington “ignored” Russia’s concerns regarding Ukraine and NATO membership but said they would continue to talk. AFP reported earlier that they had agreed with the U.K. that there needed to be a “peaceful resolution” to the situation, and that talks would be continuing.

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