Biden Family to Star in New Blockbuster Hollywood Remake – Opinion

Dr Jill, (the greatest of all doctors) made a Joe-worthy gaffe this week in San Antonio, comparing Latinos to tacos  and I thought why not make a movie with a Latino theme starring the Bidens? Hollywood is no longer in the business of making money or making good movies, so why not remake the 1986 movie “The Three Amigos.”

Dr. Jill will star as “Taco.” She’ll use taco shells as castanets, while singing the famous ‘Latinx’ song, “Si, se pwodway!

Hunter will star as “Diablo.” His wardrobe will be limited to his hat (where he hides his drug paraphernalia, and maybe a Russian hooker), a red neck tie, and his illegally purchased handgun.

Joe stars as himself: “Dumbo.”

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