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As sure as the sun rises in the east every day, two things are certain: First, Joe Biden — whose relationship with the truth is arm’s length at best — is going to say something that makes no sense at all, make up something really stupid, exaggerate or minimize the hell out of something, or purposely lie his ass off.

You can bank it.

The second is a clean-up of aisle 46. A White House staffer or a senior member of the administration is going to “correct” or explain what Joe meant to say, or didn’t mean to say, while the lapdog media flies wingman.

You can also bank this.

In today’s case in point, as reported by the New York Post, the White House was forced to correct the claim Biden made during his remarks announcing the planned release of 180 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve over the next six months: Americans who use renewable energy to power their homes could save “about $500 a month on average.”

Your home can be powered with safer, more affordable, and cleaner electricity such as solar or heat pump, which will allow you to save approximately $500 per month.

There is one problem. It’s not even close. Biden exaggerated the truth. EstimateSave $5,500

Within hours — why hours? — the administration was forced to make a correction: it sent out a transcript of the bumbling Biden’s remarks with the word “month” crossed out and the word “year” added in brackets. According to The Post, the facts sheet that was sent prior to the speech to journalists contained correct numbers.

If I were a cynic, I’d suggest Lyin’ Biden does this crap on purpose, knowing full well that more people will see him say “it” than will see a corrected transcript. Nah, that’s giving Corn Pop’s pal far too much credit.

Biden’s claim that the Post had transcribed was also criticised on social media.

The next generation of electric cars is available. [so]The average driver can expect to save $80 per calendar month by driving without having to pay [for]The pump pumps gas.

Um, Joe?

What Biden “forgot” to say was, according to Kelly Blue Book, the average price of a new electric vehicle in February was $64,685 — nearly 2.5 times the average price of a new compact car ($26,196) and almost twice the average cost of a new SUV ($33,732).

Let’s do a bit of math, shall we?

Assuming that most people don’t pay cash for new cars, here’s a likely scenario, assuming a $30K non-elecric vehicle, 10% down no trade, 4.5% APR. This is how apples compare to apples.

$64,685 – 6,485 = $58,200 = $1,327.16 @ 48 mos.

$30,000 – 3,000 = $27,000 = $615.69 @ 48 mos.

The difference is $711.47/month. Divide 48 by 3 = $34,150.56

And, if you’re a former financial planner (wink-wink), you’d do the next calculation, which would assume saving that $711.47 per month in an interest-bearing account for 48 months, but I won’t. This is just a suggestion.

The problem is that Real point is Biden’s “save about $80 a month” claim is not only disingenuous because it ignores “the rest of the story,” but also because he — like all “good” Democrats — thinks most “common folk” are too stupid to figure out the difference by doing the real math.

In related news, Biden’s pompous-as-hell energy secretary Jennifer Granholm told equally pompous-as-hell MSNBC host Chris Hayes:

People can buy electric vehicles, and don’t worry about ever fill it [sic]You can fill up your tank at the gas station. One of things that I think is a really great example of this is, if you filled up your 15-gallon tank today, you’d be paying about 62 bucks to go 300 miles. If you plugged in an electric vehicle in your garage … you’d be paying about ten bucks…

We could also do the math.

Let’s get to the bottom of it:

Personally? I don’t give a damn who buys what kind of vehicle — or no vehicle at all. You can buy electric cars if they appeal to you. You might prefer a Porche 911 GT3 to suit your needs. Dude, go for it — I’m right there with you.

That said, I’ll listen to Biden and the Democrats preach to me about the benefits of electric vehicles and everything else that supports their various narratives, just as much as I’ve listened to their hyperbolic “winter of severe illness and death” COVID nonsense about lockdowns, vaccines, and mask mandates.

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