Biden Disinfo Board Advisor Michael Chertoff Tied to Soros-Funded Aspen Institute

Michael Chertoff is a Disinformation Governance Board advisor and has demonstrated an anti-conservative bias. He also has connections to the George Soros funded Aspen Institute.

While the Orwellian Disinformation Governance Board may have been halted temporarily, it’s not completely gone. Chertoff, the former chief Nina Jankowicz’s successor, will be advising and assessing the DGB for Biden during this transitional stage for the board. 

According to the Aspen Institute Website, Michael Chertoff has been ex-officio a member of Aspen Cybersecurity Group. Chertoff, who was the former Secretary of Homeland Security under President George W. Bush, is also co-founder of The Chertoff Group. He is now an advisor to the DGB. 

Chertoff formerly pushed disinformation, claiming the Hunter Biden laptop scandal was a Russian operation, adding that “human intelligence sources” (i.e. Russian spies) probably obtained Hunter’s emails, according to The Washington Free Beacon. Hunter Biden’s financial transactions were also implicated in the scandal. Yet, The New York Times It was reported that these emails had been authenticated back in March.

Bill Gates (globalist Microsoft founder) and George Soros, a liberal billionaire globalist, funded the Leftist Aspen Institute. MRC Business previously reported that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation donated $101,854,593 to the Aspen Institute between 2003 and 2020. Meanwhile, two organizations within Soros’s Open Society Network — Foundation to Promote Open Society ($2,594,780) and the Open Society Institute ($445,000) —  poured at least $3,039,780 into the Aspen Institute during the same period. 

In 2016, Chertoff signed a letter along with dozens of other national security officials that explicitly opposed then-candidate Donald Trump’s bid for the presidency.

Gates’s Microsoft also partners with biased NewsGuard to fight “disinformation.” The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation just committed $125 million partly to potentially invasive “[s]trong disease surveillance systems” to supposedly fight COVID-19.

MRC Business has previously discovered that Jennifer Daskal, DGB chairperson, also has connections with George Soros. Daskal served as an Open Society Institute fellow “working on issues related to privacy and law enforcement access to data across borders.” Daskal also worked as senior counterterrorism counsel for the anti-Semitic Human Rights Watch, which received at least $32,106,746 from Soros between 2000 and 2014. Daskal also served as the founding editor for Just Security, which was funded by Open Society Foundations with $675,000 between 2017-2019.

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