Biden Devolves Into a Festival of Confusion at Black History Month Event – Opinion

At a time when we’re dealing with a war in Europe plus all sorts of issues in this country including crushing inflation that the war will only make worse, we have in charge Joe Biden, who frequently seems to not understand what is going on.

His wife Kamala and he went to Black History Month with Harris after he came back from Delaware. We reported earlier about how Jill Biden called Harris “president.” Meanwhile, Harris had her own creepy cringeworthy moment and appeared to make a swipe at Biden.

Biden was able to manage Monday’s trifecta by talking instead of his team mumbling.

As always with Biden, there’s the pandering and lying to the audience.

Biden falsely claimed that Republicans “always made it harder for Blacks to vote, but this is trying to be able to figure out how to keep the Black vote when it occurs from even counting.” How can you ban black votes “from even counting”? What was funny was the response — at best a perfunctory clap, even his audience doesn’t believe the lie. What was that — Jill the enabler clapping? So much for Biden’s effort to pander — no one was buying it.

Biden called his UN Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield the wrong name, calling her “Linda Greenhouse,” even as he read from his notes on what to say. He doesn’t even know the name of his UN Ambassador who, one would hope, he’s talking with regarding Russia’s attack on Ukraine? Yikes.

Then there’s the person he just picked as his Supreme Court nominee. He doesn’t seem to know her name either. He can’t seem to get it right. He must take several tries.

It is what year? It seems like it is always 1975 to Joe Biden. Here he is talking about Vladimir Putin and the “Soviet Union.” The Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, Joe. Here he does correct himself.

Joe might have skipped his nap today. This confusion is growing more common. The naps or whatever they think they are doing to hold it off isn’t working.

Biden is a fascinating man. Biden returned from Delaware, where he had been away again for the weekend (although part was to attend a funeral). Biden, after getting out the helicopter, tried to dodge questions from media members by simply walking across the lawn to the White House. Biden was asked about Vladimir Putin’s nuclear threat and just laughed it off. That would have been something that Putin might like to discuss and help Americans feel better about. He had on a mask that looked almost like it was covering his eyeglass outside, despite the fact he wasn’t even near anyone. What was the point of it? But more than that, we get the chance to check his gait, which did not look normal, an issue we’ve seen before.

Biden’s doctors have ascribed the gait issue which they can’t deny to prior injuries and denied that it was neurological. But he also hasn’t been given a cognitive test, at least not one ever reported to the public.

Biden’s issues seem to be getting worse.

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