Biden Descends Into Delusion When He Talks About His Gun Control Narrative and Shinzo Abe – Opinion

During Friday morning’s news conference regarding a new Executive Order on abortion, Joe Biden wrecked himself with a festival of lies and mistakes, as we reported. After that, he focused his attention on the assassination Shinzo Abe, the former Japanese Prime Minster.

When Biden issued a statement on the assassination (more than eight hours after it happened), of course, he couldn’t keep the focus on the statesman who was just murdered and included a part about “gun violence,” attempting to tie it to his continual gun control push, ignoring Japan’s extreme gun control laws.

This theme was echoed at the news conference. He tried again to promote his gun control narrative when he was speaking about Abe. But his approach was absurd and inconsistent.

Biden said:

“The fact is that one thing did strike my — get my attention — that this was the first use of a weapon to murder someone in, in Japan.”

This claim is absurd. This, of course, isn’t true. Even though Japan has strict gun laws, there are still gun-related homicides every year. Indeed, there have even been political assassinations in which the weapon used was a gun — for example, the mayor of Nagasaki, who was shot to death in 2007 by a member of the Yakuza.

And, since Biden said weapon without specifying what type of weapon, Biden should be aware that guns aren’t the only deadly weapons and not the only weapons used in assassination attempts. Shinzo Abe’s grandfather Nobusuke Kishi, who also served as Prime Minister of Japan, was stabbed in an assassination attempt in 1960.

Biden tried to further complicate matters by trying to compare his fake numbers to those supposedly from America. Although it’s not clear what exactly was being compared, given the crazy numbers and gobbledygook that Biden threw out. I’m not even sure he knew what he was trying to say:

“I think we have thus far have three thousand — I won’t [???] hold me to the numbers — 688 or, I mean, between three and four thousand cases. They only have one. One.”

Which cases? Assassinations in politics? Murders? Are there any murders committed with firearms? Was he trying to say something? And doesn’t he have any conscience at all? Shinzo Abe being assassinated isn’t an object lesson to use to bash people over the head with your narrative. How do Japanese think about you as a person doing such things? They’re not liking what they’re seeing right now from Joe Biden.

That’s certainly one way to put it.

Joe Biden can read everything from the teleprompter, but it is even worse that he allows himself to go off-script.

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