Biden Deploys His Secret Weapon to Ukraine – Opinion


Joe Biden sent Kamala Harris, his secret weapon for war, as a strategy move worthy Sun Tzu, Frederick The Great or Alexander. Harris is going to stop Russia from being cold. How? Harris can stop any invading force without the use of an A-10 or landmine. Europe is now home to the Cackle. “Vlad” and his hordes best run.

PSYOPS have long been a weapon of war, and a means to prevent war or to mess with the enemy until they can’t take it any longer. In Vietnam “Operation Wandering Soul” played the sounds of ghosts into the jungle. Vietnamese believe that the ghost of a deceased man would never return to his grave if he didn’t get a proper burial.

In Panama, U.S. forces played heavy metal rock at Noriega’s hideout until he surrendered.

Psychological breaks can be caused by both sound and ultrasound. Cuba is said to have used the technology. In the movie ““Mars Attacks!” the invading Martians are destroyed by playing Slim Whitman’s “Indian Love Call” over loudspeakers. Their brains became mush. Slim’s “love call” has the same feel as the Veep’s Laugh-Cackle.

If what I hope is true, Joe Biden has deployed America’s deadliest weapon since the neutron bomb. Put Kam’s cackle on repeat, and broadcast it over loudspeakers at the border. They will not have any choice but terror to flee the Russkies.

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