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Joe Biden was apparently not content with “simply” and purposely creating an energy crisis on Day One of his occupation of the Oval Office — in part by killing the Keystone XL pipeline — nor with recently pledging to block the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline if Russia invades Ukraine. It’s not close.

Two major mineral leases were cancelled by Team Biden Wednesday. It effectively ended the project, and was a win for environmentalists. reported that the U.S. Department of the Interior had canceled the leases. Antofagasta PLC‘s proposed Twin Metals copper and nickel mine in Minnesota, throwing yet another Biden campaign promise under the bus — this one made to America’s miners.

As reported by Reuters in October 2020, then-candidate Biden told miners he would support boosting domestic production of metals used to make electric vehicles — we know how much Joe loves electric vehicles — solar panels, and other products “crucial to his climate plan.”

Only one problem.

As noted by Yahoo, electric vehicles (EVs) use a “ton” of copper — particularly when compared with “fossil fuel burning” vehicles. (Emphasis, mine.)

[Copper]Is an essential component in EVsThis is used to make electric motors, inverters, and wiring. Copper-based technologies are also used in a large part of the EV charging infrastructure. Copper is A key element of charging infrastructureThis is what you will find in the wiring of your electric panel.

Importantly, Copper usage in EVs can be up to 4x greater than that in regular cars. Copper Development Association Inc. The copper content of traditional cars is 18-49 lbs, but hybrid electric vehicles have 85 lb and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles use 132 lb..

A hybrid electric bus weighs 183 pounds and battery BEVs are 183 pounds. A battery-electric bus contains 196 and 814 lbs of copper respectively.

Um, Joe?

According to, the leases for the proposed mine in northern Minnesota had first been pulled by then-President Barack Obama’s administration in 2016. (Who knew?) But Donald Trump’s administration reversed that decision. Biden officials said Wednesday that Trump had erred by granting the leases back. Mining has transcribed Interior Secretary Deb Haaland. com:

“We found the leases were improperly renewed in violation of applicable statutes and regulations, and we are taking action to cancel them,” [and to]Make sure that you do not give any lessee special treatment.

It’s shocking!, Haaland didn’t elaborate on any “special treatment.”

Twin Metals, which is controlled by Chile’s Antofagasta, is convinced the decision to cancel the leases was based solely on politics and not science. Hmm. Politics vs. science. We’ve seen this movie for two years, haven’t we? In “another area,” I mean? Kathy Graul from Twin Metals said:

We will fight any attempt to stop us from building and protect our existing mineral rights. We are confident that we will prevail.

Best wishes to the efforts of Twin Metals, of course, but Biden has had his “climate change” sights on Minnesota copper mining since at least October, as reported by CBS Minnesota at the time.

According to the administration, a study was ordered that would lead to a ban of mining downstream from Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness for 20 years. Antofagasta hoped to build an underground mine in the area that would supply copper for electric vehicles, Joe’s favorite mode of transportation. Amtrak is the only exception, but I digress.

Becky Rom of the Campaign to Save the Boundary Waters conservation group was thrilled by the administration’s latest “climate change” nail in the copper-mining industry coffin.

It is a great thing to find an administration which makes good decisions. Twin Metals leases shouldn’t have been restored in the first instance, and this announcement should end the Twin Metals mine threat.

And Joe “Existential threat of our time” Biden gladly folded up like a cheap suit.

There is one other problem. Take a look at the headlines below:

Forbes, June 2021: Copper, the Metal of the Future, the Race for Copper

BloombergMarch 2021 To meet the demand for copper, 10 million tons more will be needed around the world

S&P GlobalOctober 20, 2121 In the next decade, energy transition will increase demand for copper and nickel

CNBCJuly 20, 2121 The Green Economy: Why Copper Shortage is looming has big consequences

Yet, as he did on Day One by killing Keystone XL, Biden now seeks to create a crisis in America’s copper and nickel mining industry. Joe, my American friends, can always turn to me plan B. 

Joe has the option to beg Russia for nickel and copper, as he did with Keystone.

As Putin and Xi laugh their a**es off. Again. Do that again. still. 

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