Biden and Deese Try to Bamboozle America on Gas Prices, Get Nailed With Their Own Words – Opinion

Brian Deese (ex-Black Rock director and National Economic Council Director) is my favourite Biden administration person for saying absurd things.

Although there is a wide range of potential candidates for the White House, Karine Jean-Pierre, White House Press Secretary and Joe Biden are all available.

Deese seems to possess a unique skill in this area. It was Deese who said, back in September, that inflation wasn’t all that bad — if you didn’t count the high cost of meat. Except for the fact most people are eating and buying meat. Of course, they don’t want us to be eating meat, so this serves that point. He then said that inflation had caused us to need to spend more. The interviewer at CNBC was even more curious.

However, Deese stepped in it big time when he said that Americans should put up with the high gas prices that he blamed on Vladimir Putin for as long as it takes because it was necessary for the “liberal world order.”

His Monday speech was truly absurd. He appeared to claim that Biden’s Administration is saving gas dollars because gasoline prices are down by about fifty cents.

So, while gas prices have risen significantly since Joe Biden took office — due to his horrid policies — they now want to take credit because they dropped 50 cents over the past month?

I don’t think so. According to Reuters the price drops because demand is falling. Joe Biden deserves no credit whatsoever. They expect us to do this. They demand credit for the fifty-cent drop in gas prices, which went up to $2.64 from when Biden arrived. It has risen over $5.00 since then. Biden would like credit, but blame Vladimir Putin for this rise. This happened long before Putin entered Ukraine.

This also tells us something about what the Biden team will try to sell us as “savings.” It was $2.38 before he came in. It’s now $4.49, according to Gas Buddy. So it’s still $2.11 higher than it was when Biden started.

Biden himself echoed Deese’s claim about saving 50 cents.

So by the Biden count, he’s costing us more than $100 a month more — and that’s just the gas. It could be even higher, according to other estimates.

That’s not even counting everything else that has gone up with Bidenflation. It shows how much Biden is costing us according to his words.

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