Biden Admin Responds Like a Petulant Child to Mask Mandate Being Struck Down – Opinion

Per RedState’s prior reporting, a federal judge in Florida struck down the CDC’s ridiculous travel mask mandate that applied to airplanes and trains, among other modes of transportation. The mandate was extended by the Biden Administration for two additional weeks. It raises more questions about their willingness to overlook hard facts and push their political agenda.

As expected, the White House’s response was one of petulance. Jen Psaki stood up at the briefing to criticize the decision and behave like a child, when asked about the necessity of the mandate. Of course, it was Fox News’ Peter Doocy who challenged her, while other reporters fed into the administration’s premise. It’s Doocy vs. the world at this point.

Why? Is it frustrating? Making two-year-olds wear masks on a plane should not be something anyone actively revels in, yet it appears that the White House is upset that they can’t torture little kids anymore. This is beyond absurd and unacceptable.

Moving onto the snarky answer to Doocy’s question, the idea that one must be a doctor to ask the government to justify its abuse of power is dangerous and tyrannical. I know that sounds somewhat overwrought, but it’s true. Biden’s administration believes that they should have the freedom to choose what they wish. If you ask them for proof of their work they will falsely appeal to authorities. That’s not freedom. That’s not “democracy” — something the left is constantly whining about.

The filtration system makes airplanes one of the best places for COVID spreading. It’s not surprising. It is absurd to allow people to fly in a mask in the White House, but still require them to be muzzled. It’s anti-science and a complete affront to basic liberty.

The media continues to support this absurdity, refusing responsibility for the White House.

How in the hell is that possible? So their argument is that we should keep an illegal mask mandate in place that is doing nothing whatsoever in regards to COVID, in order to stop planes from…becoming fight clubs? Is it possible for others to take off their masks and make people violent? A quadruple-vaxxed Karen, who is insanely afraid of the coronavirus, might be wildly liberal. If they do, they must be removed from flights.

It’s gotten so tiring to see the administration respond this way, anytime they don’t get their way. The administration refuses to be transparent with Americans and demands absolute power. Thankfully, Trump’s judicial appointments have been a thorn in the White Houses’ side, and a well-deserved one at that.

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