Bette Irks the Woke, Pratt Confounds Critics, and DeSantis Dunks on Newsom

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#1 – Bette Midler Uses July 4th to Declare Independence From Wokeness, Stuns Everyone in the Process — by Sister Toldjah

Worse yet, it’s For women like Reps. AOC and Cori Bush who are selling out other women by using terms like “menstruating people” and “birthing people” to describe, ya know, actual women. Other supposedly enlightened leftists have even taken to altering quotes from iconic feminists and/or reducing women to their lady parts in an effort to sound “inclusive” and “welcoming” to those born men but who now identify as women.

“The Divine Miss M” has taken the first step to understanding that something is wrong, very wrong, with the movement underfoot to essentially declare that there are no differences between men and women. The next one she can take is to look in the mirror and at the “woke” female “leaders” she supports.


Robert E. Crimo III
City of Highland Park Police Department via AP

#2 – Extremely Weird Detail About the Highland Park Shooter Revealed by Authorities — by Bonchie

I think that’s probably a good read. He clearly doesn’t understand reality or the damage he has caused. To say he’s mentally ill isn’t to provide an excuse for his behavior, but to simply state reality.

All of this is to point out that Trump supporters and Bernie Sanders fans are rushing to label him. Some people can be just plain insane. I think this guy is insane. Using his horrendous act as a bludgeon against one’s political opponents just comes across as ghoulish given what we now know.


AP/Reuters Feed Library

#3 – Chris Pratt’s ‘The Terminal List’ Is Sending Leftists Into Conniption Fits While Audiences Love It — by Brandon Morse

In truth, critics aren’t angry about the military action. They’re angry the military action isn’t bookended with deep, tear-filled conversations about the struggles of the LGBT community or a powerful speech by a woman who is far smarter and/or talented than the men around her. It’s a show that gives you a story you can actually sink into without having to worry about some ideological scolding or some propagandistic advertising of a political narrative.

That’s what they really hate about the show. They hate it because they hate you, and this show isn’t doing anything to make you like them.


Joy Reid
AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

#4 – Heartbreak at MSNBC as Joy Reid’s ‘Reid Out’ Crashes and Burns in Ratings Wars — by Sister Toldjah

That’s absolutely pathetic, but then again so is Joy Reid.

Reid has undoubtedly emerged as one of the most toxic voices on cable news since she took over Chris Matthews’ 7 pm timeslot. She’s bizarrely suggested that conservatives look for ways to drink COVID “in a Kool-Aid cup,” and has repeatedly referred to prominent black conservatives as “Uncle Toms.” She’s also suggested that gun laws are based on white supremacy and once laughably tried to portray Virginia Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears, a black Republican, is a puppet of white supremacists.


CPAC DeSantis
AP Photo/John Raoux

#5 – DeSantis Fires Back After Gavin Newsom’s Pathetic Anti-Florida Ad Is Revealed — by Bonchie 

It is important to mention Californian refugees. The reality is that people from Newsom’s state have been fleeing to Florida in droves over the last several years. Those people aren’t going to be swayed by a dude with too much hair gel virtue signaling about abortion. They have too much to do with Florida, where they are enjoying success and freedom which is sorely missing in California.

To keep it simple, the numbers don’t lie. One person is clearly winning here, and it’s not Gavin Newsom. If anything, the fact that he’s now running ads in a state thousands of miles away shows just how far California has fallen. DeSantis doesn’t even have to respond in kind because his state is booming.

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