Beto O’Rourke Owes Uvalde an Apology – Opinion

I’ve been pointing out that Francie “Beto” O’Rourke has been the wrong man for the job of political office for years now, and through each of the reports I released about him, the theme has always been the same.

O’Rourke isn’t here for anyone else but O’Rourke.

Back in 2018, I reported on gathered information that showed how O’Rourke loved to utilize his public office in El Paso to enrich himself and his business. This is the same O’Rourke that claimed walls end lives, yet when the border wall became popular with the general public, O’Rourke suddenly had a change of heart. This is the same O’Rourke that told the nation during the 2020 Democrat primary that “hell yes” he was coming to take America’s AR-15s, only to see the polls not doing so well during his 2022 attempt to take the governorship of Texas and flip-flopped on it.

O’Rourke is willing to say and do whatever he thinks will get him the most approval and attention from his leftist base, and he will do so shamelessly. Not that it hasn’t had an effect. Leftists absolutely do love O’Rourke in no small part because he’s running against Republicans. When he’s not in that situation, his star fades and fades quickly.

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Fast forward to Wednesday, and we’re now seeing the depths of his depravity when it comes to getting attention. As RedState reported earlier, as Texas Governor Greg Abbott was holding a press conference around the shooting, O’Rourke decided to make this about him and approached the stage where Abbott, Senator Ted Cruz, Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin, and others were holding a press conference and began shouting at Abbott and wagging his finger at him.

He was shouted down by Cruz, McLaughlin and other people, which was rightfully. One Sheriff called him a “sick son of a b**ch.”

“Sick” is correct here. If O’Rourke really wanted to help the situation he would have waited patiently and spoken to Abbott personally. He would have asked what he can do to help, and if time permitted, he would have told Abbott he’d love to sit down and discuss ideas and options. That would have been the noble and right thing to do.

Instead, O’Rourke did what O’Rourke does, he did what was necessary to make a spectacle and put the attention on him even if it makes him look bad to everyone but his base. The act was outlandish, inconsiderate, and uncalled for.

He thought this was about making Abbott look bad, but what O’Rourke wasn’t factoring in was that there were people from the community on that stage who are having to deal with the deaths of children in their community, some of whom they probably knew. The people who were there had to see as an inept politician, on losing the election, used the conference to highlight the horrors that occurred in their area to gain a political moment.

Whatever goodwill O’Rourke might have had with Texans, and I mean regular Texans, may have just evaporated. This was nakedly a grab at attention and clout and it solidified O’Rourke as a man who should be kept away from political office. He doesn’t have the cognitive capacity to see what he’s doing at that moment is disgusting and uncalled for. Either he didn’t see that he was making a very sensitive moment about him or he did and he didn’t care. Either way, this man isn’t fit for office.

O’Rourke owes an apology to the members of the Uvalde community for using a very sensitive and somber moment for them and making it about him and his campaign.

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