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Exotic Dancer Gets Confronted With Nudes She Sent 13-Year-Old Boy — Reacts by Exposing Breasts

An Australian exotic dancer and model has admitted to sending sexual text messages to a 13-year-old boy when a TV show confronted her with proof. But she brushed off her behavior and exposed herself to the camera. 

A crew from the tabloid television show “A Current Affair” approached Bethany Edgecombe, 20, in central Melbourne in footage that aired Monday. Reporter Dan Nolan confronted her with the texts and nude photos she had allegedly sent the boy.

Edgecombe at first claimed that she “was like 18” at the time. Then, after being shown that the texts were sent in 2019, she dismissed them as “harmless.”

When Nolan asked if she had any comment for the family of the boy, Edgecombe lifted her blouse and showed her breasts to the camera.

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According to “A Current Affair,” Edgecombe met the boy on Instagram, where she went by “Blondie” and described herself as a “burlesque bombshell.” She had 105,000 followers, but deleted her account on Tuesday.

The 13-year-old, who has not been identified, reportedly got connected with Edgecombe after he mentioned her in an Instagram post. She allegedly responded, and during the back-and-forth, she asked the boy if he was a virgin.

When he said “yes,” she allegedly wrote:I call dibs on that virginity.”

Bethany Edgecombe calls “dibs on that virginity”

In subsequent exchanges, Edgecombe allegedly sent the boy, who has not been identified, four naked photos of herself and messages indicating she would engage in sex with him.

“Hold onto that virginity, I’ll be going past your part of town in a week or two. And don’t tell anyone, don’t think you’re even legal,” one text read.

At one point, the boy appears to have told Edgecombe he was 13.

“I really must be a pedo cos that’s so hot,” she wrote, adding an LOL emoji.

In another series of texts, Edgecombe allegedly asked the boy for a nude photo while he was at the movies with his mother.

“Sneak off to the bathroom bad boy. Sneak off and don’t tell your mummy,” a text said.

The boy sent back a picture of a rooster.

A spokesman for the boy’s family said they provided all the messages to Coomera police on Australia’s Gold Coast last November. They said they went public because they felt police failed to take sufficient action on what they called a case of “grooming.”

The boy told “A Current Affair” he thought the contact from Edgecombe was “cool” at first, but he later became concerned.

“After a while though she started to act a bit crazy! She was pushy and acting a bit obsessed. She said she wanted to take my virginity, but it wasn’t fun anymore, she was acting weird and I’m not that dumb, I don’t date 20 year olds,” he said.

The boy’s mother described Edgecombe as “sick.”

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“She knew he was only 13 years old and she pursued him! What kind of a sick individual does that? How dare she try and manipulate any child with her evil perverted ways for her own self-gratification,” she said.

A double standard?

The family said they think police would have taken their case more seriously if it had involved a 13-year-old girl and an older man.

Queensland Police Service said in a statement that the complaint was under investigation.

“These matters can take time to thoroughly investigate, particularly when a forensic examination is required,” they said. “The matter is still under investigation and detectives are making every effort to finalise this as a priority.”

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