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Nothing is more exciting for a teen than when they finally get their driver’s license. Next comes their first car. Are there some cars more suited for beginning drivers? Read below to find out which cars make good first cars and the safety features they should have.


What Safety Features Should A Teen’s Car Have?


Sending a teen to run an errand is a rite of passage after getting a driver’s license. However, remember that they are not an accomplished driver yet. The car they drive needs to be equipped with safety features to help keep them safe while on the road. Five safety features need to be in every teen’s car.


Airbags are a must. The federal government mandated that every passenger vehicle has airbags, starting with 1998 models. However, the law only states there are two airbags. Automakers have equipped many newer vehicles with at least six airbags. Some cars even have ten. How many are necessary? For protecting kids, the more, the better.


In 2012, antilock brake systems became mandatory. Antilock breaks enable vehicles to stop quickly without causing them to skid.


Traction control works with the antilock brake system. It enables the driver to start in a controlled straight line. It keeps the wheels from spinning.


Stability control helps to keep the vehicle on course. For example, when a driver takes a corner, it signals the antilock brake system to help put the car back on track.


The fifth safety feature a teen car should have is a backup camera. Backup cameras help the driver see behind their vehicle at objects that may be in the way, including other cars, pedestrians, cyclists, and more, while trying to back up.


Other safety features worth considering are forward collision warning, blind-spot monitoring, cross-traffic alert, lane-departure warning, and emergency crash notification.


Tips For Purchasing Your First Car


The idea of purchasing your first car is exciting. However, before even heading to the car lot, do your homework. Know what your budget is and make sure you have the proper insurance.


Next, take someone with you who knows something about cars. Having another person look over the car and go on the test drive is smart. Use the car’s VIN to get its history report. You do not want a vehicle that has been in an accident, flood, etc. Also, research the car’s reliability and safety features. There is a used car checklist, make sure to have a copy of this checklist with you when you are shopping for your vehicle.


What Cars Should New Drivers Consider?

Teens do not have a big budget for purchasing a car. However, that does not mean they can not get a good car on a budget. There are many used cars for approximately $20,000, which will make a good starter car. The vehicles include the 2017 Honda Accord, 2018 Hyundai Elantra, 2019 Toyota Corolla, 2017 Volkswagen Jetta, and 2018 Mazda Mazda3. They have significant safety features, and they look good too. For new cars, Toyota, Honda, and Mazda brand cars are good cars for new drivers. 

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