Belarus Leader May Have Accidentally Revealed the Next Country on Putin’s Invasion List – Opinion

We reported earlier on reports that Belarus planned to send troops to Ukraine in order to support Russia. According to the Ukrainian parliament, their troops crossed into Ukraine.

But the U.S. is saying they’re not seeing that yet, a defense official said.

The propaganda from Belarus includes the delusional claim that Ukraine was going to attack them, that’s why they are joining Russia.

But now there’s a lot of concern about a meeting that Lukashenko held with his security council on Tuesday showing what appeared to be the battle map for Ukraine.

It displayed some infrastructure targets for troop movement and other plans. Some of these have occurred already, like the movement towards Kyiv from the North. But what drew the attention of a lot of people was that on the map, it showed an invasion of the neighboring country of Moldova as part of the battle plan from the port of Odesa, with targets in Moldova’s breakaway state of Transnistria.

Moldova, which is located at the south border of Ukraine, is also an ex-Soviet state. By Putin’s standards, based upon what he said in the declaring of Donetsk and Luhansk independent states, Putin thinks he has a right to absorb prior Soviet states.

Putin already launched attacks against Belarus from Belarus, so the State Department shut down the U.S. Embassy in that country. Belarus is also under threat of sanctions from the EU.

It was already feared that Putin may be considering other countries, and now there will be more. It could be a ploy to scare people, but it seems that frightening people has been part of the initial thinking regarding Ukraine. However, it would still be compatible with the wish to exercise more influence over the country and the former Soviet Republic. Again, one has to think if this is real, it’s not going to make Vladimir Putin happy that his client state of Belarus let this out. It may be difficult, however. All indications suggest that the Russians have already become too dependent on food and fuel in places other than Russia. Although they have halted their advance from Kyiv, the Russians did strike a Holocaust memorial site in Babyn Yar which was strongly condemned.

The attack was condemned by President Zelensky, who said that 5 persons were killed.

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