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One Hollywood star now owns their Barbie.

On NBC’s TODAYOn Wednesday morning, LaverneCox, transgender superstar of, was welcomed to the show. Orange is the New Black

Cox seemed all dressed up. brings you the latest news

The Emmy-winning actor, LGBTQ+ activist and Emmy award winner is celebrating her 50th Birthday with Tribute Collection Barbie. She is wearing a red ball dress, a bodysuit in silver and accessories such as high-heeled boots or silver earrings.

TODAY: Parents joined the fun

“It’s been a dream for years to work with Barbie to create my own doll,” Cox said in a statement shared with TODAY Parents. “I can’t wait for fans to find my doll on shelves and have the opportunity to add a Barbie doll modeled after a transgender person to their collection.”

Laverne discussed politics on the live broadcast

[Mattel has]This incredible tribute to Barbie series features incredible people such as (filmmaker) Ava DuVernay and (singer] Brandy. And I’m the latest person to be so honored. … I love [the doll], and I had so much fun with everyone at Mattel designing her, but I think, this year particularly, when over 250 pieces of anti-transgender legislation have been introduced in state legislatures all over the country, targeting transgender children, LGBTQ youth, that I hope that all the kids who are feeling stigmatized when their healthcare’s being jeopardized, their ability to play in sports, I hope they can see this Barbie and have a sense of hope and possibility. … Because representation matters.”

It seems there’s plenty of representation goin’ ’round. Transgenderism appears present in every arena of life — for adults, on down.

As RedState Editor-at-Large Kira Davis so aptly put it Monday, individuals identifying as the opposite of their sex is a “new social reality.”

As for the toy world specifically, there’s certainly been a shift:

Mattel Eyes, a Barbie Gay Wedding Playset

Mattel Releases a Gender Fluid Doll Playset for Kids – to ‘Encourage People to Think More Broadly’

LEGO unveils its Gender Nonbinary Playset, featuring a Black Drag Queen

Hasbro Announces the New Gender Neutral Mr. Potato Head

The playful ways of old are gone.

Barbie Shows Off Her New, Politically Active Barbie and All-Female Staff

Don’t Confuse the Kids: LEGO Requests All Marketing for Its Police and Fire Sets Be Removed

It’s stunning how quickly culture has changed. Just a few years ago, “transgender” occupied no space in the American lexicon. A mere decade back, surely the majority of Americans wouldn’t have dreamed our present cultural occurrences were in the cards. And if I had to guess, I’d say the transformation is nowhere near done.

The Babylon Bee, a satirical website published an article on the subject earlier in this month. This could be a prophetic article:



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