Australia Really Has Become The Land Down Under … HELL

You can forget about the Koalas and the Sydney Opera House, but you should not ignore the Irwins. Australia has been rebranded to be the epicenter for baby-killing in the world. 

In light of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling, everyone and their mother has been losing their minds about their supposed “rights” being stripped away. Southern Australia legislators are not exception. They have made it possible for women to terminate their pregnancies throughout the nine-months. 

A 2021 law in South Australia took effect Thursday according to Life Site News, decriminalizing abortion and deeming it a “healthcare” issue. The Termination of Pregnancy Bill allows for “elective abortions up to 22 weeks and six days into pregnancy.” In layman’s terms, women can kill their babies for no reason except desire up to 22 weeks gestational age.  

Two healthcare professionals must approve an abortion after six weeks. There’s no listed limit for the later term abortions so long as a medical professional approves the move. 

Life Site noted that this law allows abortions outside of hospitals. Women no longer have to travel for abortions. They can now get their pills via telehealth and delivered right to their home.

Amazon Prime needs to step up.

On June 24, Dobbs’ decision was overturned by 15,000 people. That’s 15,000 temper tantrums over nothing, considering Roe v. Wade took place in America, not Australia. 

South Australia is the most recent state to decriminalize abortion following New South Wales’s decision to do so in 2019. After twenty weeks of gestation, Western Australia still faces criminal charges. So, you can still kill your babies in all of Australia, you’ll just only get in trouble in the Western regions. 

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