Aspen Institute: Overturning Roe Is a ‘Draconian Infringement’

Aspen Institute demands less surveillance via digital devices. Why? Because women are able to travel and abort their children without being notified. 

In a May 11 Zoom lecture with Aspen Institute, speakers emphasized the importance of digital privacy in order to protect women who still want to kill their babies in areas where abortion is outlawed. The Aspen Institute speakers essentially pushed for less surveillance so that women won’t get in trouble when they commit the crime of abortion.

With the potential overturn of Roe V. Wade, abortion “rights” will no longer be set at the federal level but instead, decided by individual states. This is a big step for the pro-life movement as many red states will outlaw abortion — as they should. 

Wafa Ben-Hassine from the Omidyar Network stated “The situation with the possibility of overturning Roe V. Wade just kind of demonstrates and highlights why it’s so important for us to move our attention back to the role of data brokers as well as the amount of consent that we have as users.” Data brokers are essentially the middle-men. Apps receive data from the users. Data brokers then receive it, and they distribute and sell it. Ben-Hassine advocates for greater privacy in our mobile phones to allow women to travel and have abortions, even if it is illegal.

 “This is all about users, about people, not giving consent to something and then having the long term, slippery slope implications of what that means,” Ben-Hassine claimed. Yeah, I bet the babies being killed from abortion aren’t consenting to their own slaughter but who cares about them anyway, right? My body is my decision. 

Aspen Digital Executive Director Vivian Schiller asked the speakers how minorities would be affected in a post Roe world and Ben-Hassine was quick to answer. She complained that after the Texas Heartbeat Bill was passed, travel costs for women went up and that with abortion being less accessible, women at or under the poverty line will “struggle.” Nothing like struggling for life though. Don’t do that.

Luckily, as the moderator mentioned, companies are starting to “step-up” to pay for travel and work expenses for women who want abortions. Kudos to Tesla and Amazon for being such bold supporters of baby killing. It is an honour. 

I thought the propaganda and lies of this Zoom couldn’t get worse but, in pops Senator Ron Wyden (D-Ore.). Wyden claimed that the overturn of Roe is a “draconian infringement on women’s freedom and privacy.” I think the only thing ‘draconian’ in discussion is the mass murder of the unborn. How about Sen. Wyden.

Wyden brought up that location data leaching is “abuse” and mentioned how data brokers aka “bounty hunters” are selling data on women’s trips to planned parenthood to kill their babies, women’s search history and updating a period tracking app. Wyden coined the phrase “uterus surveillance” which he, though he has no uterus, was highly concerned about. 

My favorite part of Wyden’s monologue was this:

Americans who value liberty and privacy should not be afraid of totalitarian regimes.

What about killing baby girls? That’s fine. 

I asked a question during the meeting. I wanted to know if this limited surveillance should also apply to other criminals or criminals of abortion. Is it possible to use data that identifies serial killers for a particular crime? Aspen didn’t answer my query in Zoom, nor did I send it to him afterward. You’re right. 

Are Americans entitled to privacy? But not when it comes at the cost of innocent lives being aborted. Aspen Institute and each speaker that they hosted today advocated for greater data privacy so women could get away with abortion. This is empowerment! 


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