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Dollar Tree moves, the country follows.

I admit that I didn’t know what a Dollar Tree was up to a few years ago. My mom was visiting me and asked me to buy water glasses from the Dollar Tree.  After a “what’s that?” I went shopping. All I needed was a dollar. Well, no longer.

Dollar Tree raises its prices.  One woman quipped vehemently at the plan price increase. She’s mad. And so is the rest. Inflation isn’t just hitting grandmas looking water glasses for a dollar, it’s going to hamstring everyone, and it’s going to hit the poor particularly.

Brandon Morse was my co-worker and he tried to force Biden to leave the flames. However, heating costs are on the rise and this could lead to some difficult choices for people living in northern states. California gas prices are close to $5.00 per gallon. Last year we weren’t importing oil. Joe Biden has made us a lot more efficient.

All consumer items, from lumber and ground beef to meats, are more expensive. Bacon is 28% less expensive.

Inflation is, indeed, spreading through the economy like a  California wildfire.

Next, the Social Security Administration will raise payments by 5.9%. This is the biggest increase in over 40 years. Many reasons exist, but all of them point to Washington DC. All things become less worthless and more expensive by increasing the value of paper money to trillions.

After the inauguration, Joe Biden had to get out from under the spotlight. He was left with a vaccine and an artificially inflated economy. Instead, he took every opportunity to grab any rake that he could find. We will pay the price. It’s actually remarkable how badly he’s screwed up the economy.

I think the country will go along with Dollar Tree customers, and vote in 2022 using their wallets

Dollar Tree moves, the country follows.

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