As Biden Builds a Wall Around His Beach House But Not The Border – Media Fall Silent

Remember the scornful and extensive media coverage that Donald Trump got when he increased security at the White House. Here’s a sample:

From NBC News

White House installs perimeter fencing

This is the story:

“If Trump erected more than 3 miles of fence around the White House, it would exceed the length of his new wall on the southern border,” tweeted Anthony Scaramucci, who was Trump’s communications director for a little more than a week in 2017. “His bigotry is only exceeded by his incompetence.”

Then, there was this.

Trump started his term by promising to build America’s wall of protection from the rest of the world.
It ends with him building a wall that will protect him from the Americans.
— Nick Confessore (@nickconfessore) June 4, 2020

This is The Daily Dot:

Trump Accused of Building a New Fence around White House During Protests

From Yahoo News: “Inside the heavily-fortified White House, now surrounded by more than a mile of extra fencing, is an increasingly isolated president.”

The Vice  

Trump Barricades Himself behind a Massive “Non-Scalable” Fence for Election Day

Starting at NewsweekThis is:

Trump’s White House Wall Sparks Waves Of ‘Bunker Boys’ Memes

On and on – and on and on – went similar stories in the national media mocking Trump for building his “wall” around the White House.

And, most importantly, the President Biden stated that he won’t build a wall along the south border.

This is all to say that the deafening silence of the national media regarding President Joe Biden’s new wall makes it even more obvious. According to my knowledge, the national media has not reported this story, except from Rehoboth (Delaware) Cape Gazette. National media ignored the headline:    

$455,000 fence being installed at Biden’s beach house
10 months into the presidency, North Shore home security measures continue

That’s right. Chris Flood was an enterprising Gazette reporter and wrote the following.

Slowly but surely, the security around President Joe Biden’s North Shores home continues to increase.

He was first in town in June as president. Secret Service, local police and the FBI issued temporary flight restrictions.

The Coast Guard established official security zones at the Lewes–Rehoboth Canal, Atlantic Ocean, and when he returned to town for the second time.

Biden will be visiting the area for the third time and a security barrier will likely either be complete or near completion. According to the website, an online database of federal government spending, the Department of Homeland Security, with the Secret Service as the subagency, recently awarded a $455,000 contract to Rehoboth’s Turnstone Builders for ‘purchase and installation of security fencing at 32 Fairview, Rehoboth Delaware.’

The mainstream media’s response? Silence. Biden is not reported to have refused funding the wall along his southern border. Instead, he built a wall surrounding his beach house. There are no stories that the money to build Biden’s beach house wall – almost a cool half a million dollars – is coming from the Department of Homeland Security, whose boss, Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, is a staunch opponent of funding and building a wall on the southern border.

It is reminiscent of the silence at the Biden Beach House Wall that was greeted by the media. The New York Post’s 2020 meticulously researched investigative exposé of Hunter Biden’s laptop. This was actually just days ago The PostAn editorial was published on this topic. Here’s the headline

One year later, The Post’s Hunter Biden reporting is vindicated — but still buried

This was part of the editorial.

A year ago The Post revealed that Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop carried proof he sold influence while his father served as vice president — and his dad, now president, knew it. Yet most other media treated the story itself as the scandal, reporting only on vague claims that sought to undermine it rather than rushing (as they would’ve under the last president) to advance it themselves.

Twitter and Facebook were quick to block the attack, which squelched vital information while America voted.

They have not learned anything except the fact that Big Tech and Big Media won at our expense.

It is exactly.

Also the media’s conspiracy of silence on things Biden  reminds that there has been virtually no media spotlight – with the exception of conservative media – of the influence pedaling Biden family.

The hard fact here is that yet again the double standards of the liberal media, in their drive to trash Donald Trump and protect Joe Biden, means that the interesting reveal of taxpayer funding for the building of a Biden beach house wall will never get the coverage that was given Trump’s security fence. You might like The Post’s coverage of the Hunter Biden laptop, the beach house wall story will simply be buried.

And more to the point, the obvious wildly hypocritical reality that Biden and Mayorkas are refusing to fund and build a wall on the southern border – but are quick to fund and build a wall around Biden’s beach house – will just be greeted with silence.

It’s possible to imagine it.

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