Arizona University’s ‘Unprecedented’ Move Requires FOUR Diversity Classes for Graduation – Opinion

Are you surprised that the American education system continues to plummet?

Two recent events in education have shown that the main reason for the decline of an educational system once regarded as the best is not only the loss of kindergarten but also the defunct halls of academia.

According to RedState, the left-leaning Oregon governor signed a bill on July 14th, 2021. Kate Brown signed a bill that suspended proficiency standards — reading, writing, and math skills — for high school graduation. As reported by City Journal (May 24, 2022), Northern Arizona State University’s (NASU), will require that students take at least four classes from diverse backgrounds to graduate.

Although the stories above are not related, they all illustrate the coordinated efforts to lower economic expectations (See: soft bigotry and low expectations). But also to educate our children with woke propaganda. Why? How do you know? control us —They believe so.

As noted by College Fix, NASU’s  Diversity Curriculum Committee heralded as “unprecedented” the new “diversity” requirements, which will soon mandate students take four diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) courses, all with roots in Marxist-derived “critical race theory” indoctrination, to earn a degree.

According to City Journal, three of those four courses are described, below — emphasis mine:

Course titled Cross-sectional movements of race, class, gender, and sexuality promises to analyze “how intersectionality, and the matrix of inequality, have shaped the production of knowledge” and to provide “a critical lens through which intersectional epistemologies can be foregrounded.”

Introduction to Queer Studies, covers “queer theory and activism,” the “social and historical construction of gender and sexuality,” and the “role of allies and social change.”

Trans existence and resilience, meantime, promises to “examine trans epistemologies as well as critiques of Eurocentric models of thinking about genders that explain peoples’ existence within Western frameworks and ontologies.”

This new graduation requirement will take effect at Flagstaff’s large public university in 2024. It has approximately 29,000 students.

As noted by College Fix, the four required diversity courses must come from the categories of “global diversity,” “indigenous peoples,” “intersectional identities,” and “U.S. ethnic diversity,” according to an internal memo from campus administrators.

Want even More crazy-train nonsense?

John Sailor, a research associate at the National Association of Scholars told City Journal the new policy must embrace identity politics — a forte of the Democrat Party — and foreign languages don’t qualify under the “global diversity” category, either. Emphasis, mine:

These Diversity Perspectives courses must … Accept the philosophy underpinning identity politics. According to notes from the university’s Liberal Studies Committee, For diversity, foreign language programs are not eligible.

Why? ‘They do not include critical theoryThis is the [Diversity Curriculum Committee] expects of the courses it approves.’

This is it. So-called “critical theory” has now not only metastasized throughout the curriculum of another major American university; it is also required indoctrination for graduation. Northern Arizona State University students must now be “taught” (programmed) to It is available for purchase.

Bottom line:

Contrary to the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s life of teaching and “I Have a Dream” speech — “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” — the color of one’s skin in today’s America has All you need to know with how one is judged in America; the content of one’s character, be damned.

Yes, that was true.

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