Arizona Department of Education Invites 10-Year-Olds to Talk With Strangers Online About Their Sexual Identities – Opinion

Arizona wants its kids to understand the options available.

Toward that end, the state’s Department of Education points 10-year-olds to chatrooms to discuss their sexual identities with unknown pre-teens, teens, and adults — facilitated by “trained volunteers.”

Site hosts a webpage dedicated to “resources for LGBTQ+ students, educators, and families,” whereupon it explains thusly:

These resources are provided to assist in the support of LGBTQ students in our schools and communities. They were collected by members and allies of the LGBTQ+ community as part of ADE’s Equitable and Inclusive Practices Advisory Council.

The Online Chat Spaces provision for students expands to two submenus, “Q Chat Space” and “Gender Spectrum.” While the former “provides online discussion for LGBTQ+ teens ages 13 to 19,” the latter goes lower:

Gender Spectrum provides free online group for teenagers, parents, caregivers, family members, and others. These online groups allow you to share and connect with others while also allowing for support from a network.

A link transports users to, home to “online groups for trans, nonbinary, (and) gender expansive youth.”

“Join by audio, video, or chat,” it instructs.

Older teens (ages 17-18) are welcome to “meet others navigating gender in a relaxed space.” Kids aged 13-16 are invited to do the same: “These groups are a safe space to share as much or as little as you want.”

The third choice of chat is currently full:

For Teens and Pre-Teens: Groups
Pre-Teens (ages 10-12)

Pre-teens are currently full. However, we will email you when the list is open again.

To join the Pre-Teen Waitlist for trans and nonbinary youth aged 10-12, please fill out this form. This group is for 10-12-year olds and provides a safe space where they can meet others in a friendly environment. In the past we’ve talked about gender, friends, family, favorite TV shows and even sometimes meet other’s pets! Each group is facilitated by staff or volunteers who are trained.

After millennia spent largely being static, sex has been evolving at lightning speed. Institutions are informing us there’s a new layer of identity in town, and the sky’s the limit.

As of late, similar headlines:

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Even Joe Biden has joined the crusade: Across 44 years in office — so far as I’m aware — he never once acknowledged that any such thing as gender identity or transgenderism existed. But suddenly, the man’s on fire for the cause:

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Back to Arizona, the government’s new offerings illustrate the potency of a force transforming America. Those of you long in the tooth might even recall when parents wouldn’t want their 10-year-olds talking to strangers about what makes them a boy. Or what doesn’t.

But thanks to mechanisms of modernity — if the Department of Education is astute in its judgment — those days are long gone.



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