Apple Removes Bible and Quran Apps from Chinese App Store: Report

Apple is reported to have gone to great lengths to please the Chinese Communist Party, in an effort to maintain a strong hold over the lucrative Chinese consumer markets. 

Apple has made it clear it is willing to betray American values of personal freedom and religious liberty if it can afford it. “US tech giant Apple has removed two popular religious apps from its Chinese App Store – ‘Bible App by Olive Tree’ and ‘Quran Majeed – القران,’” Reclaim The Net reported Oct 14. “Both apps have hundreds of thousands of ratings in the US App Store and are collectively downloaded by over 100,000 users each month, according to data from Sensor Tower.”

According to an online database, apps were indeed removed from China’s market.

Reclaim The Net cited Apple Censorship, which it described as “a database that tracks Apple’s App Store removals in different countries.” On Apple Censorship’s website the Bible App by Olive Tree has a single entry that shows the app is reportedly “unavailable” in China and was “previously available.” The Quran Majeed app is also “unavailable” and was “previously available in China.

Reclaim The Net observed that Apple might be following Chinese religious freedom restrictions.

“Apple is one of the few US tech giants that’s allowed to operate in China and access its vast market. As a result of this market access, Apple now has an estimated 14% share of the 970 million user smartphone market in China which translates to an estimated 136 million Chinese iPhone users.”

It’s not just Christians and Muslims that appear to be getting targeted by censorship from Apple, however. “[O]ver the last couple of years, Apple has removed thousands of apps from the Chinese App Store including lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) apps, games, and political apps,” reported Reclaim The Net. “Not only has Apple mass censored apps in China but it has also been accused of compromising iCloud security, giving Chinese apps a pass when they flout its notoriously strict App Store rules, and punishing an employee for approving an app critical of the Chinese government.”

Apple’s willingness to cater to a foreign communist regime has earned some well-deserved criticism.

Peter Thiel, entrepreneur and venture capitalist was raked Big Tech companies over the coalsAt a seminar held April 6, the U.S. was accused of ignoring its interests and appearing friendly to a authoritarian foreign power such as China. “[T]Here’s a little bit about the woke politics in these [tech] companies, the way, the way they think of themselves as not really American companies,” Thiel commented, chiding them for lacking any “sharp anti-China edge of any sort whatsoever.”

Conservatives are being attacked. Call Apple Headquarters at (408)996-1010 to demand that Big Tech end its ties with China’s Communist Party. We can help you if your information has been blocked. Contact the Media Research Center Use the contact formHelp us to hold Big Tech responsible.

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