AOC Throws Joe Biden in Front of a Train as the Finger Pointing Begins – Opinion

The already weak Democrat coalition is beginning to crumble. Alexandria OcasioCortez took out a sledgehammer to help. New York Magazine interviewed her and she was not afraid to take a dig at Joe Biden.

Things started with her criticizing the president’s strategy of negotiating over the “Build Back Better” reconciliation bill.

AOC is the living example of rhetoric being cheap. Without Manchin, no bill can pass, so if she thought “all along” that he wasn’t going to play ball, then why try to include a variety of progressive measures in a package that didn’t have the votes? The answer is, obviously, that she’s an attention-seeking hack who doesn’t care about actually getting anything done, but I digress. That’s not a new revelation.

From there, the topic moved to November’s election and another critique of Biden, which is that he hasn’t used executive power enough to cram down his policies on the American people. The president also lied to those who elected him.

Do you see the pattern? Everyone and everything is at fault for the Democrat Party’s current woes…except AOC and her progressive pals. It doesn’t matter that polling consistently shows Americans have an aversion to far-left governance and care about things like stopping illegal immigration, lowering the cost of living, and protecting parental rights. AOC’s solution is always going to be more cowbell.

She is delusional. Democrats have not lost the support of far-left kooks and are now a less reliable bloc in their voting. It’s that progressive radicalism has isolated normal Americans and caused them much pain and suffering. Biden’s leadership style is more AOC-like than that of any moderate Democrat, and the consequences have been disastrous.

AOC suggests it’s “not just about middle of the road,” but yeah, it pretty much is about that. You can’t win elections by just leaning into an increasingly radical base. Donald Trump’s victory in 2016 was due to his expansion of the GOP to include blue-collar workers, who were many times more pro-union Democrats than he would have been in previous elections. It is absurd to suggest that a progressive coalition can be built by going more crazy on spending and policy. It’s like claiming that the way to put out a fire is to dump more gasoline on it.

I’m not sure if AOC is too vapid to recognize that or if she’s just playing her role, but in the end, what this boils down to is creating excuses for the approaching midterm bloodbath. The Democrat Party is not willing to accept responsibility for the events that are about to unfold. Progressives would like to say that far-left claptrap has turned the tide. While the progressives want to be able to say that more far-left claptrap would have turned things around, the moderates will make the exact opposite claim (and they’ll actually be right). The intraparty fighting will explode when Democrats are no longer able to control their majorites.

AOC’s interview here is just a preview of what things will look like by the end of the year. This is where the finger-pointing will be spectacular. Get your popcorn ready to enjoy this show.

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