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AOC is extraordinary. The number of times she’s made herself look like a complete fool would fill the Library of Congress but she keeps doing it. On Tuesday, she along with her fellow squad member Rep Ilhan Oh-I-Married-My-Brother pretended to be cuffed while being led away by police.

This sort of pretend anguish isn’t new. She pretended to cry at “kids in cages” but she was standing at a gate (nowhere near kids or cages). She wasn’t looking at kids in cages. The media lapdogs “debunked” the story by claiming, incredibly and along with other interpolations of fact, that AOC would have cried even without cameras there and that she could “see” a door to the facility so was, in fact, crying over kids in cages. He defended her by saying: He stated:

“If we [the news media] weren’t there she still would have broken down, I think. She could see the entrance to the camps out in the distance.”

He couldn’t have known that her laughter was captured without a camera. He couldn’t. The mere fact that she was able to see the door from the distance proved AOC’s inability. AOC is loved by the media and protected at all cost. The media won’t call her out on lies no matter how many times she exaggerates or fabricates. She’s a drama queen and the media loves this actor like she’s royalty.

AOC was captured on Tuesday with her hands behind her head pretending she was being cuffed to create drama. Media picked up the story and reported that Omar and AOC were taken away.

Minneapolis journalist tweeted Omar and AOC being cuffed. When it became crystal clear that AOC and Omar were not cuffed she couldn’t bring herself to admit it instead insisting that the video was “unclear.” No, it’s clear. Drama queens in Congress, drama queens in media.


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