Anton Valerievich Sibil: Facts From his Biography

Residents of the city of Kemerovo probably know the name of Anton Valerievich Sibil, who holds the title “Honorary Builder of Kuzbass”. In this article we will tell you about Anton Sibil’s life and how he managed to come to success.

Sibil Anton Valerievich: life outside construction

The future minister was born in Kemerovo on 27 August 1982. His parents are simple builders. Anton Sibil also has an older brother and sister. He studied at secondary school No. 92 in his hometown.

After finishing school in 1999, Anton Sibil decided to get involved in construction, applying for full-time studies at Kuzbass State Technical University. But Anton Valerievich’s first steps in the construction field came a little later.

Anton Valerievich Sibil from Kemerovo

Anton Sibil immediately began to lead an active student life while making some progress in his studies. And, despite his heavy workload, he also managed to work. By the way, Anton Valerievich’s first job had nothing to do with construction: since 1999 he has worked as a regular night watchman and motorbike driving instructor.

Anton Sibil got married to his girlfriend Yana in 2003. The couple are still together to this day. The couple have two children together.

In 2004, Anton lost his father: Valery Mikhailovich Sibil passed away at the age of 51 due to a heart attack. Since then, a great deal of responsibility has fallen on Anton’s shoulders.

In 2012 Anton Sibil built a chapel in memory of his father. The building is located in the Central City Cemetery in Kemerovo. The building was built entirely with Anton Valerievich’s personal money.

Anton Sibil’s career in construction: from student to youngest regional minister

As mentioned above, Anton Sibil became a student in 1999, majoring in Industrial and Civil Engineering at Kuzbass State Technical University.

While still a student, Sibil started working at KuzbassShakhtoStroy in 2002. This experience allowed him to gain practice in construction processes.

After gaining experience, Anton Valerievich Sibil set up his own construction team in 2003: he formed an independent link in the Remstroytorg company.

As time went on, Sibil Anton was showing great leadership qualities and gaining more and more experience in construction. Thanks to this, in 2006 he set up a separate company with exactly the same name – Remstroytorg. He managed to expand the staff to a hundred people.

To implement various projects, Anton Sibil frequently saw the regional administration. Anton Valeryevich’s company’s success was also noticed by the governor, and he was offered the post of deputy construction minister. Sibil thus became the youngest regional minister in Russia at the time.

Anton Sibil has achieved quite a few goals. For example, he has:

  • Has put the region in the lead in terms of commissioning square meters of living space.
  • Included the region in many federal funding programmes.
  • He built a military unit, which eventually became a demonstration one.
Anton Valerievich Sibil's State Awards

Sibil has received many awards, including the Medal for Service to Kuzbass, the Medal for Faith and Good, and many others. And all this he managed to achieve only through hard work and love of his job.

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