Anti-Mandate Protesters Storm Barclays Center, Demanding Nets Let Kyrie Irving Play – Opinion

Hundreds of anti-vaccine mandate protesters came out at the Barclays Center — the home of the Nets — in Brooklyn, New York, on Sunday in support of star player Kyrie Irving who is refusing to get vaccinated in order to play.

As we previously reported, the team has said that Irving wouldn’t be allowed to play or practice with the team until he is vaccinated. New York City has a requirement that people be vaccinated in indoor locations like the Center. The team will ban Irving from participating in any games or practice until he is vaccinated.

The huge crowd chanted “no vaccine mandate” and “stand with Kyrie.” Some held similar signs. Gadsden flags were also present.

The crowd got wild. The crowd pushed through the barricades in front of the center, right up to the door, shouting “Let Kyrie play” and “My body, my choice.”

The protesters weren’t able to get in, but there was a lot of pushing of the barricades against each other, between the two sides.

“Barclays Center briefly closed its doors today in order to clear protestors from the main doors on the plaza and ensure guests could safely enter the arena,” venue officials said in a statement.

“Only ticketed guests were able to enter the building and the game proceeded according to schedule,” the statement said.

Hawk Newsome, who was leading the Black Lives Matter New York contingent, also attended. He is not associated with the BLM national organization.

“We should not be forced to put anything in our bodies that we do not want,” he argued.

Teachers for Choice, who were involved in the massive anti-mandate protests that took place in New York City also joined them. They are pro-Trump, and some of them even anti-Joe Biden. They’ve chanted, “F Joe Biden,” on previous weekends. They were also waving the Gadsden flag.

One Trump supporter commented on how unique that confluence was — to have both Trump supporters and the BLM joining forces in this effort.

That’s so true. That speaks volumes to the concern people feel about mandating across all parties. That is a clear indication of how corrupt this process is. Newsome echoed what others have said — he’s not against the vaccine, but he doesn’t believe that it should be forced on anyone.

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