Anthony Fauci Booed At Seattle Mariners Game

In the longest MLB game so far, the Seattle Mariners beat the New York Yankees by a score of 1-0. But that perhaps wasn’t even the biggest storyline coming from the evening on the diamond.

Before the game started, Dr. (and I say that part loosely) Anthony Fauci threw out the ceremonial first pitch at T-Mobile Park and received the Hutch Award, typically given to the MLB player that “best exemplifies the fighting spirit and competitive desire of Fred Hutchinson, the legendary pitcher and manager who died of cancer at the age of 45.” He became just the second non-MLB player to win the award.

But he received thunderous boos from his crowd.

Then he proceeded with throwing one of the most ceremonial first pitches ever recorded.

However, it is better than the throw he made two years ago at Washington Nationals games.

If you’ve heard anything from Fauci’s rhetoric regarding how to safely protect yourself from COVID, you’ll understand why he received so many boos. The man has been as inconsistent with his “safety” protocols as an Angel Hernandez strike zone and he seems perfectly content with being inconsistent.

Not only that, but he continues to look down on those who don’t take his word as gold. Speaking with around 100 Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center employees, he said that anyone who doubted the science he claimed to be true was stupid and uninformed. Oh, and he also said we’re due for another COVID surge in the fall.

“It’s still amazing to me that people can still hold onto such untruths,” Fauci said. “They have so much going on in their lives, that they just accept it as fact.”

Tell me you’re a prideful turd without saying you’re a prideful turd.

Never again should this man speak. He believed the lies he had spread.

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