Another Hysterical Study on Masking Kids in Schools Turns out to Be Absolutely Trash – RedState

We will have to continue doing what we do.

RedState published a false CDC study claiming that children were able to be masked in schools stopped the spread of COVID-19. This was weeks ago. In reality, the data was cherry-picked without proper controls, and during most of the observation period, children weren’t even in school. The study also admitted there was no causality between infection rates and masks.

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Finally, the study didn’t show any significant difference in infection rates. That translated into almost nothing in real numbers.

In short, what we have is a “study” that didn’t even cover a period where children were in school — save for a week or so. The “study” is also based on a data set of counties that do not control for prior infection rates, testing capacity, etc. in order to conduct a valid comparison between areas that have school mask mandates and ones that don’t. They came up with an almost identical result in terms of the actual number of cases.

Lastly, just to put a fine point on all this, the CDC’s own study admits that it’s ecological and should not be used to assign causation in regards to masks and infection rates. They admit that there is not enough control over several other variables.

But everything that’s old is new again, so another study out of Michigan is attempting to mislead in much the same way. In fact, if you just read the headlines, you’d be greeted with the startling claim of a 62 percent difference in infection rates between schools that have mask mandates and those that don’t. This is a clear proof that masking does work. Yeah, let’s get into that.

This for MLive.

Schools without mask requirements have reported significantly more cases of COVID-19 among their students than those mandating masking, according to a recent analysis by the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health.

“Significantly more,” they proclaim with absolute confidence with just the right amount of hysteria. But, once you look at the numbers they reveal the exact opposite. They are what? They are described in the following paragraph.

Masking is required for all grades in some districts. In the last week, there were less than 50 masking cases per 100,000 people. Districts with few mask rules had an average rate of 80 per head.

You read it right. The great scientific finding here that proves masks are a worthy sacrifice for children is a difference of around 30 cases…per 100,000 children. In percentages, that’s 0.0005 percent vs. 0.0008 percent. To say that doesn’t even qualify as a rounding error is an understatement.

To prevent a difference in infection rates of 0.03 percent, schools are forcing children to wear muzzles. This can cause learning problems and may lead to long-term mental and emotional difficulties. Remember, this virus is not as dangerous for children as the flu and riding in cars.

It’s hard for me to put into words how infuriating it is to see people spread this kind of garbage as an excuse to keep forcing masks on children in schools. What? How can adults with hypochondria be made to feel secure and positive? The vaccines work, don’t they? It is just disgusting to see children being used as pawns and conflicting messages. But you can expect these kinds of “studies” to continue. They’ve got a narrative to push, after all.

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