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Happy Friday! It’s Mother’s Day weekend, so this Saturday can still incorporate a Feel-Good Friday story.

The baby had been abandoned by its mother at the age of one, and was found under the stairs in an apartment block in Greensboro. The child was found by a good Samaritan and called the child protection services. Initially named “Baby Doe,” the baby was later adopted by Carrie and Daryl Thomas and given the name, “Angel.”

Angel Thomas’ story was documented in June of 2019 by Fox 8 News in a series, “Whatever Happened to Baby Doe?”

“I didn’t know everything, but I knew that I had a family that loved me no matter what, even if I wasn’t biologically their child. I’ve always been loved, and when I really accepted that and I really brought that to my heart, there was nothing that could take that away from me,” Angel Thomas said.

Carrie and Daryl were giving Angel a new life, but they didn’t try to erase her past.

They saved news clippings, documents and pictures that captured important details of Angel’s life.

However, like any good parent they were careful.

Angel needed to be aware of when and how it was being told.

They didn’t tell her about how she was born until the news broke in 2013.

Angel’s abandonment dovetailed with a 2013 sexual assault investigation. The Guilford County Sheriff’s Office discovered that Angel’s biological mother had been raped and impregnated at 13-years old. Her newborn child was abandoned by her mother after she gave birth. Angel’s father was arrested and convicted for the rape of the 13-year-old.

Angel had to travel a long road, even with the support and love of the Thomases.

“I had to put her in counseling to help her get through it, but it was rough. It was really rough for her,” Carrie Thomas said.

Angel persevered and continued to participate in leadership and youth programs throughout middle school. Angel began to participate in beauty pageants. She was first runner up in Miss Teen North Carolina in 2018 and won Miss Teen Greensboro.

Angel is now 22, and she was the president her graduating classes at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

All the anger, fomentation, and noise from the Left about the reverse of Roe V. WadeThe end of federally sanctioned abortion-on-demand and the potential negative effects that its overturning could have RoeThis story is about the impact that rape victims have had on poor people of colour.

Angel Thomas could have fallen from those apartment steps; knowing more about Angel’s biological heritage could have made her more or less happy. Angel chose Life, even though her family encouraged it.

Angel shared this about her trip thus far.

“Through everything that’s ever happened in my life I’ve just kind of kept this attitude of being positive and staying focus(ed) toward the future and knowing that even though your past is a part of you it’s not something that’s ever going to define you.”

There are many other stories out there, including a Pennsylvania U.S. Senate candidate who in a debate, shouted her mother’s choice for Life, even amidst the horror of rape at an age younger than Angel’s biological mother:

This conversation is never simple and there are no easy answers. However, it should be clear that the end result of such conversations shouldn’t be choosing Death over Life.

Angel Thomas, happy graduation! It is my hope that she will continue to excel despite her circumstance and see her dreams come true.

Let’s keep fighting for Life, and honoring the women who gave us Life.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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