CNN Airs Footage of Antifa Attack on Andy Ngo – But Makes a Glaring Omission

CNN aired footage over the weekend showing antifa activists assaulting journalist Andy Ngo at a demonstration in downtown Portland, but the network omitted the most violent parts of the attack.

Ngo was filming the Saturday rally – which was framed as a counter-protest against right-wing groups – when he was mobbed by masked protestors. A number of the activists punched and kicked him, while others hurled milkshakes, eggs and silly string at him.

The crowd cheered and jeered as Ngo tried to escape.

During a “Reliable Sources” segment on Sunday, host Brian Stelter condemned the previous day’s assault on Ngo, a conservative-leaning journalist who contributes to The Wall Street Journal and New York Post.

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“His critics say he’s there to cause trouble,” Stelter said. “But that’s unacceptable. The idea that he would be attacked, that he would be bloodied in that way – unacceptable. Period.”

“It’s important that everyone make that clear, even left-wing critics who don’t like him and things like that,” Stelter added.

As Stelter denounced Ngo’s attackers, footage playing in the background showed antifa activists throwing objects at the Quillette editor as he walked away picking silly string out of his hair.

But a longer version of the clip, recorded by Oregonian reporter Jim Ryan, shows Ngo being punched and kicked as well. “Reliable Sources” did not immediately reply to Pluralist’s request for comment.

WATCH: Antifa activists attack photojournalist Andy Ngo

CNN takes heat for its response the Andy Ngo attack

Both Stelter and his CNN colleague, Jake Tapper, faced liberal backlash for condemning the attack over the weekend.

The CNN stalwarts are among the few mainstream and left-leaning journalists to full throatedly decry the incident. Much of the response has centered around justifying the attack on Ngo by accusing him of being a hate figure.

Middle East Eye columnist C.J. Werleman called Ngo “one of the leading amplifiers of Islamophobia,” referencing the journalist’s sometimes harsh criticisms of Islam. Werleman also accused Ngo of having”participated in white supremacist violence,” but later issued a “clarification” effectively admitting that he didn’t know what he was talking about.

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Woke culture critic Noah Berlatsky said that calling Ngo a journalist “gives fascists a propaganda victory” because he is “a far right activist who pretends to be a journalist to spread hatred against Muslims, and to target journalists for hatred and potential violence by fascists.”

Conservatives have long argued that corporate media outlets dominated by liberals slant coverage to fit their preferred narratives.


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