Allison Daughtrey Arrested After Allegedly Pulling a Gun

Police Respond to Reports of Fight in Hotel Room – Turns Out to Be Two Women Having Loud Sex

Police responded Monday to reports of a fight taking place inside a Maryland hotel room, only to learn the sounds were coming from two women having loud sex.

According to charging documents, a security guard alerted police after two hotel clerks thought they heard fighting in the background when they got a front desk call from a guest, ABC affiliate WMAR reported.

When police arrived at the Towson establishment, they spoke with the two women who were purportedly in the room. Both of the women said they were having sex, not fighting.

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Prompted by the security guard, officers asked the couple to leave the hotel room.

This led one of the women, 34-year-old Allison Daughtrey, to start an argument with hotel staff in the lobby. At one point, Daughtrey pulled a handgun and, according to the hotel security guard, pointed it at him.

A shot was fired as Daughtrey struggled with the security guard, who attempted to wrestle the gun away from her.

Surveillance footage showed Daughtrey brawling with the guard and pulling out a gun. She claimed in a police interview that the security guard struck her first and that the gun in her purse accidentally went off after she swung the bag at him.

The security guard was taken to the hospital after allegedly being bitten by Daughtrey during their altercation, police said.

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Daughtrey is facing several charges, including attempted second degree murder, first and second degree assault and gun crimes. She is due in court on October 4.

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