Ahead of the SOTU, One Family Is Wrecking Biden’s Rose Tinted Lie – Opinion

During tonight’s State of the Union Address by President Joe Biden, you’re going to hear many claims about how things are getting better here in America under his leadership. He’ll tell you both that the economy is recovering better than it ever has before but, in the same speech, blame all the economic woes you’re currently suffering like gas prices and inflation on anyone but himself.

You’re going to hear how he’s going to be tough on Putin, but as my colleague Joe Cunningham wrote, all he’s really doing is following the lead of the European Union instead of America taking the lead as it should.

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Then you’re going to hear a lot of social justice and woke culture nonsense that will make leftists who believe in it pat themselves on the back and feel good about themselves, but for everyone else, it will mean absolutely nothing.

CBS already has a better idea of how America is performing than you.

CBS kept track of the progress of one family who is living the “recovery” that Biden’s election was supposed to bring on.

Gabe and Claudia Añel were first interviewed by CBS in March of 2020 when he had just been laid off from his job as a sound engineer and was collecting his last paycheck. Three more visits were made by CBS to Gabe and Claudia Anel, with the last one being just last month. Despite all of the economic improvements Biden claimed, Gabe admitted that the situation is worse now than it was ever been.

“You’d think the last time you guys would be here it’d be great, but this is probably the worst I’ve ever been,” said Añel.

CBS asked him how he thinks the Biden administration is doing, to which Añel gave him a failing grade.

“I don’t see it working for us. I don’t. We don’t see it,” he said.

Añel acknowledged that he wanted to go after the last administration but after all the promises made by Biden, everything is still going down the tubes.

What number of families live the same story? Will Biden portray a positive picture and show hope for those who are struggling to find their way through it all? What would make that family mad if he promised prosperity but gave them hardship? Most likely, you would feel abandoned and alone.

And as I’ve written previously, the one word that could sum up Biden’s presidency is “abandonment.” He’s abandoned our energy sector, our border, our economy, our police, and families like the one we see above.

The Añel’s arent’ the only family going through hard times thanks to Democrats like Biden. He will do a lot of talking, but situations like this family’s speak far louder.

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