AGAIN: Univision BURIES Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal Within A Report About Trump

Hunter Biden Finally made the news at Univision, but far from offering their audience detailed information about the president´s son escalating laptop scandal, the network spent 11 seconds on the subject, and that BURIED within a 4-minute report on – what else – the Bad Orange Man.

The hermetic silence-breaking mention – not of Hunter Biden per se, but of the Biden Families, went on air ONLY after Trump twisted their arm into reporting it following a television interview where he called on Vladimir Putin to release information on Hunter´s shady business dealings with Russia and Ukraine.

The masterful performance of Satcha Pretto (Univision anchor) and her morning talk show team in the mysterious disappearing act is captured here Despierta America, as aired on March 30th, 2022:

SATCHA PROTTO: We woke up to the Russian President Trump’s request for information. The Biden family was threatened by the release of this information. It is also revealed in a Congress interview that identifies a lapse between eight and eight hours in official White House phone logs from the day of the attack on Capitol. Which person did Trump speak to in that crucial moment? And why are there no records of these communications?

Take note of Univision´s now Habitual concealment of any information related to Hunter Biden’s laptop scandal as MRC Latino signaled on October, 2020, when the story initially broke and buried the news within an unrelated report. That was the occasion when we wrote “

Univision reported finally the Hunter Biden scandal to Univision five days after the story initially broke and buried itWithin its late-night television newscast. What’s worse, the story was tucked away within an unrelated report on President Donald Trump’s rally in Tucson, Arizona.

This time around, the 11 seconds preceded Pretto´s prodding of Washington correspondent Edwin Pitti on the “official White House phone logs on the day of the assault on the Capitol. Who did Trump talk to at that pivotal moment, and why are there no records of those communications?”

Evidently, at Univision there is ample time for one-sided investigative reporting that only confirms its role as a PAC with a broadcast signal. One year into the Biden presidency, the network continues to air damaging news for Donald Trump while covering up for the “Biden Families”?  Capisce!

Advertisers like Toyota should be able to explain how they allow bias in Spanish-speaking news channels. Send them Here.

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