After Raging at Bill Maher Over Mask Jokes, ‘The View’ Suggests We Adhere to Pandemic Rules Forever – Opinion

Some people really do want the measures we used during the pandemic to last forever, and you can count the ladies of “The View” among them. Their obsession with draconian pandemic rules is something that celebrities, as well as many others in society, seem to not like. This includes comedian and host of HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” Bill Maher.

The hostesses of “The View” turned their ire toward Maher after he made some jokes about pandemic rules, including being forced to mask up and be scanned like produce to see if you have authorization for entry into any given establishment:

“I don’t want to live in your paranoid world anymore,” said Maher.

“It’s silly now,” he continued. “You have masks, you have to have a card, a booster, they scan your head…like you’re a cashier and I’m a bunch of bananas.”

“I’m not bananas. You are,” he added.

That was enough to set off the ladies of “The View,” especially Whoopie Goldberg who attempted to bring down the “dead children” hammer on Maher.

“That’s not really funny to people who have lost their kids to this vaccine,” said Goldberg, with Joy Behar vocally agreeing.

“Nobody on the planet really wants to go through this,” Goldberg continued. “This is not something we’re doing because it’s, you know, sexually gratifying. This is what we’re doing to protect our families.”

Goldberg added that people can believe what Maher does but if they do then they need to stay out of the public and that it’s not something to joke about when children under the age of five can’t get vaccinated.

“How dare you be so flippant?” Goldberg added angrily.

The real sign that ladies are able to deal with the bananas world Maher describes was when Sara Haines, co-host of the show, spoke up and described the pandemic rules in a new normal. Comparing it to how post 9/11 brought in the TSA as a permanent fixture, the COVID-19 pandemic has likewise made these new rules something she’d like to keep forever.

“I may never ride a subway again without a mask, I may never go indoors to big crowds and never feel comfortable without a mask,” said Haines.

Once again, “The View” proves to be one of the more ridiculous talk shows on television.

For one, masks aren’t really helping and that’s been both confessed to by the experts and seen with our very eyes. In fact, the cast of “The View” seems to be holding onto their stances in spite of the experts with Sonny Hostin stating that she’s not comfortable with the CDC’s stance on shortening the quarantine from 10 days to five.

What’s more, the masks don’t really help as a recently released study from Yale and Stanford universities discovered. In fact, unless you have a high-rated mask such as an N95, it’s little more than facial decoration. Those words are from CNN’s “medical expert” Leana Wen, not mine.

But most of all, the penchant for the ladies of “The View” to constantly invoke the “dead children” claim is what’s most disgusting. It’s been clear that children have been, hands down, the least affected by the virus with only 1.7 percent actually showing symptoms from the virus itself. According to the HHS, just over 3,300 children have been hospitalized, and while that’s awful, it’s hardly a reason to force the world into draconian lockdown measures.

But the ladies of “The View” seem to adore the COVID-19 fearmongering and will continue to deny science and embrace the narrative until it becomes unpopular with their audience.

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